The Republic of Malta is an archipelago of islands in the Mediterranean Sea lying south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. Covering just 316 square kms it is one of the world's smallest countries. The archipelago is made up of several islands, the largest being Malta, Gozo and Comino. The capital of Malta is Valletta, which is also the smallest capital in the EU. The Maltese Islands have a dramatic rocky coastline, and the islanders have a strong connection with the sea. The islands' location has given it strategic importance throughout history and a succession of powers including Phoenicians, Romans, Moors, the Knights of St John, the French and the British have ruled the islands. Malta is a popular tourist destination on account of it's climate, coastline, historical monuments and megalithic temples. The island of Gozo is much quieter and less spoilt than Malta, and the perfect destination for a walking holiday.


Malta is an archipelago of coralline limestone in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 100kms south of Sicily. Although part of Europe, Malta is located further south than Tunis and Algiers. Only 3 of the islands are inhabited - Malta, Gozo and Comino. The country is small at approximately 316 square kms in total area. The islands are rocky but the numerous bays along the indented coast provide a large number of natural harbours which have been of strategic importance in Mediterranean shipping and politics throughout history. The islands were formed by the crashing together of the European and African tectonic plates 30 million years ago. The capital city is Valletta and the nation is a republic and member of the EU.