Situated in the Western Balkans, Bosnia is a wild and largely undiscovered country about a quarter of the size of the UK.   Bounded to the North and West by Croatia, the country also shares borders with Serbia (to the East) and Montenegro (to the South). Although perhaps best known for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo and the fierce war of 1992 to 1995, during the breakup of the Former Yugoslavia, the real warmth and character of the country can be found in the spectacular mountainous regions of the country.   The spectacular Dinaric Alps, the backbone of the country contain the picturesque Bjelasnica Mountains and dramatic Sutjeska National Park. The Bjelasnica Mountains, home to the famed 1984 Winter Olympics, offer rolling hills, traditional villages, watermills and Lukomir (1495m), Bosnia’s highest village. The beautiful Sutjeska National Park is home to the highest point in the country, Mt Maglic (2386m). A week-long trekking itinerary can take in Mt Maglic and the Bjelasnica Mountains. In the country’s more rural areas a traditional slow pace of life still continues. Bosnia is an excellent example of a country successfully rebuilding itself after a recent war.