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Polar Ship Ortelius


The vessel has the highest ice-class notation (UL1, equivalent to 1A) and is therefore suitable to navigate in solid one-year sea ice as well as loose multi-year pack ice. Ortelius can accommodate up to 108 passengers and has an abundance of open-deck spaces. It is manned by 24 highly experienced nautical crew members, 20 hotel staff, eight expedition specialists (one expedition leader, one assistant, and six lecturer-guides), and one doctor.

Ship Layout




108 passengers in 50 cabins

Staff & crew:

Crew 44 | Guides 8 | Doctor 1


90.95 meters


17.20 meters


5.4 meters

Ice class:

UL1 (Equivalent to 1A)


4090 tonnes


6 ZL 40/48 SULZER


10.5 knots average cruising speed

History of Ortelius

Ortelius was originally the Marina Svetaeva. Built in Gdynia, Poland in 1989, it served as a special-purpose vessel for the Russian Academy of Science. Later it was re-flagged and renamed after the Dutch/Flemish cartographer Abraham Ortelius (1527 – 1598), who in 1570 published the first modern world atlas: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum or Theater of the World. At that time his atlas was the most expensive book ever printed. Ortelius is classed by Lloyd’s Register in London and flies the Dutch flag.

Ship Cabins

All rooms come equipped with a private shower and toilet, flatscreen TV, desk and chair, telephone and supplemented WiFi, hair dryer, cabinet, wardrobe and safety deposit box.

Please note that all cabins will not necessarily have the same layout and surface area, nor will they be identical to the examples used in the photos and that the view from some windows might be partially obstructed due to the design requirements of the ship

Quadruple Porthole


Cabin size between 12,4 m² and 14,1 m²

2 portholes

2 upper / lower berths

Twin Porthole


Cabin size between 11,4 m² and 15,1 m²

2 portholes

2 lower berths

Twin Window


Cabin size between 17,5 m² and 17,7 m²

2 windows

2 lower berths

Twin Deluxe


Cabin size 17,7 m²

3 windows

2 lower berths

Small sofa


Coffee & tea maker



Cabin size between 18,4 m² en 20,4 m²

2 windows (minimum)

1 double bed

1 single (sofa) bed


Coffee & tea maker

Frequently Asked Questions

Passengers on a typical voyage range from in their 30s to their 80s, with the majority usually between 45 ― 65. Our expeditions attract independent travelers from around the globe who are characterized by a strong interest in exploring remote regions. The camaraderie that develops on board is an important part of the Oceanwide experience, and many passenger groups include several nationalities.

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