Best Places To See The Northern Lights

Experiencing the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights is on many people’s bucket lists. This ethereal sight is truly mesmerising, and traveller... Read more
 Best Places To See The Northern Lights

Experiencing the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights is on many people’s bucket lists. This ethereal sight is truly mesmerising, and travellers flock to a range of destinations all in the pursuit of watching the sky fill with Aurora Borealis’ streams of light. 

The winter months are certainly some of the best times for a holiday to see the Northern Lights, and we’ll take a tour through some of our favourite spots to see the iconic natural spectacle between December- February. The whole family can enjoy this adventure, just make sure to pack plenty of warm layers! Take a look at our top tips on the best destinations for your extra-special Northern Lights holiday in winter 2023 and 2024 and read the latest trip reveiws from our travellers joining our Northern Lights adventures.



 Northern Lights Holidays in Sweden

Many of those chasing the Northern Lights opt for Sweden, where a cosy cabin retreat provides the backdrop to your unforgettable getaway spent pursuing the effervescent skies. Some of the most vibrant displays of Aurora have been spotted from Sweden. 

Sweden will offer up adventure against a striking, unspoiled natural setting. Its dark, clear winter evenings lend themselves to spotting the lights, in a location far flung from the bustling cities. Some of the best spots in Sweden for hunting the lights are the northern areas of the country, and generally anywhere north of the arctic circle. 

With perfect conditions, they can be seen anytime from 6pm-2am, but on evenings between 10pm and 11pm, the lights are typically at their strongest. On a winter’s evening, the temperature in the northern regions can plummet to -15 Celsius, so be sure to wrap up warm when you head out to catch the lights.

Based 150km north of the Arctic Circle, Sweden's Lapland is one of the most surreal locations to capture the snapshot of a lifetime. Stay in a cosy mountain hut with our Lapland Dog Sled Beginner's Week and learn to dog sled, ice fish, try a traditional wood-fired sauna and even camp out beneath the stars for the best chance to see the Northern Lights, or give nordic ski touring a go on our off-grid Skiing The Kings Trail trip and rejuvenate along the way in remote huts with Swedish saunas. 

Sweden is accessible from many of the UKs major airports, with Stockholm being one of the main arrival points. From there, venture beyond the city to the wilderness and watch as the dark, quiet skies become flamboyant by night. 



Northern Lights holidays in Finland

The colourful bands of Aurora Borealis blaze through the sky almost every other night in northern Finland in the winter months, making it the ultimate destination for those keen to catch a glimpse. 

Venture away from the bright buzz of the city to Finlands’ abundance of hilltops and open spaces, and watch in awe as flashes of emerald green dash across the vast night sky. East Finland, near the Hossa National Park, offers a stunning trail for avid light-hunters. With lakeside paths to follow and plenty of awe-inspiring views, end your day exploring by watching as Aurora takes over the skies. 

The dense forests of Hossa are transformed into a magical, fairytale setting when the lights soar above them, creating unique swirls and patterns in the sky. See for yourself on our Winter Snowshoeing Holiday.  

You’ll find an abundance of adventure in Finland, stumbling upon some of the most striking natural landscapes, or even after giving husky sledding a go. Our Finland Winter Activity Week is perfect for that! What better way to bring an active day to close than watching the Northern Lights?


The Norewegian fjords have an almost unearthly feel to them, with astonishing views and some of the most dazzling natural landscapes awaiting exploration. They become even more spellbinding by night fall, and with a clear, dark winters sky, they’re brought to life in vibrant colour by Aurora Borealis. 

Northern Norway is a prime location for those determined to track down the Northern Lights while enjoying an abundance of magnificent hiking routes and even some sailing. We’ve packaged it all together perfectly in our Aurora Borealis Hike and Sail Adventure

Winter holidays to Norway are perfect for having the best chance of catching a glimpse of the lights, with daylight hours being limited to 9am-2pm, the dark night sky soon becomes the backdrop for the natural phenomenon.



Northern Lights holidays in Greenland

Can’t get away for winter? You can still see the skies of Greenland illuminated by hues of turquoise, green and hazy golden yellow when you catch the Northern Lights in this beautiful, unspoiled country. Covered mostly by vast ice plains, settlement is extremely secluded here making it a truly unique location away from normal life. 

We show you the reality of this on our Icefjords and Villages of Greenland trip, where the land is yours to explore, immersed in a strikingly remote location against a dramatic backdrop of serene, awe-inspiring views. Let your imagination run wild as the lights dance through the sky, and wrap up warm beneath the spectacle.

Hiking in the arctic circle is a truly momentous experience, and Greenland offers some of the most rewarding views. From Kulusuk Island, to Tunu Fjord and the Sermilik Trail, there’s an opportunity to set your eyes upon some of the most breathtaking scenery. 

Our Greenland adventure runs from June to September. Plus, visiting Greenland in summer means that island hopping is far more accessible, with the opportunity to see magnificent humpback whales. 


While you are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to go for the best chance of catching the Northern Lights, each destination offers its own stunning trail to the perfect viewpoint. 

Sweden, Finland, Norway and Greenland are all stunning locations for adventure holidays, with an array of facilities to enjoy — as well as simply immersing yourself in the great outdoors! A winter getaway can be the perfect way to try a new kind of holiday, and watching Aurora Borealis at its most vibrant is one of those unforgettable life experiences. 

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