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How to trek in the world’s wildest places

  For many who head to the mountains, it’s all about answering the call of the wild. The desire to stand in a place where the views spra... Read more
How to trek in the world’s wildest places
For many who head to the mountains, it’s all about answering the call of the wild. The desire to stand in a place where the views sprawl out untouched before you, with the wind in your face and satisfaction in your soul. If you like the sound of finding somewhere truly wild, remote and about as off-the-beaten-track as it gets, look no further – here’s how you trek in the world’s wildest places.




Duration: 14 days | 11 days trekking

Grade: 4

Experience first-hand one of the least explored areas of the United States; Alaska. With gigantic National Parks the size of small nations and colossal mountains (and wildlife), this is a destination for an untamed, truly wild adventure. During our two weeks in Alaska you'll walk on premier mountain trails, enjoy luxurious camping, trek along glaciers in the shadow of Mount Denali, cycle around photogenic lakes and even explore the face of the Gerwingk Glacier close up by kayak.




Duration: 26 days | 20 days trekking

Grade: 9

So wild that the elusive snow leopard is known to be sighted here, the Nepal’s Inner Dolpo guarantees a different kind of adventure. It’s one of the least accessible yet most alluring destinations in the Himalaya, which makes for a completely unique trekking destination. Landscapes will feel utterly removed from anywhere else on earth, from the startling blue of Phoksumdo Lake to the characteristic unfolding mountains of the Shey La. One of our longest treks, it’s a commitment but well worth it, taking you into places far beyond the reach of most travellers or even inhabitants.



Duration: 22 days | 17 days trekking and climbing

Grade: 10

A challenging trek guaranteed to get you well and truly into the wilderness. Not many people will have heard of the Manang Himal, or the 6000m peak of Chulu Far East and its stunning summit panorama. You’ll know you’re heading somewhere special when you leave the Annapurna Circuit trail at Koto and delve into a lost Buddhist region. Later that week, you’ll be able to drink in the quiet beauty from a high camp at 5335 metres, before ascending to a sensational pinnacle summit which command fantastic and far-reaching views. 



Duration: 18 days | 10 days trekking and climbing

Grade: 8 

Part of seeking true wilderness means we’re always looking for new routes, which is why we’ve launched this thrilling adventure into a remote part of India. Heading north of Leh, the 3500m high mountain capital of the Indian Himalaya, you’ll find the remote valley of Nubra, still undiscovered by most of the world’s adventure travellers. You’ll pass through a timeless region, visiting a 14th century monastery and isolated villages, before trekking into the high lands of the Palzampiu Valley and setting up a high camp to tackle two non-technical peaks. Cut off from the world by high passes, this unique part of the Himalaya is a marvel just waiting to be discovered. 


Duration: 21 days | 14 days trekking

Grade: 8

As one of the world’s mighty 8000m peaks and the third highest peak in the world, trekking with the five-summited massif of Kangchenjunga on the horizon is a wild adventure of epic proportions. High passes and a succession of idyllic camping places take travellers to the sacred waters of Samity Lake, a stunning immersion into a true mountain wilderness. Culminating in an ascent to the unforgettable viewpoint of Kangchenjunga’s staggering south-east face, trekking in this part of the world is a must for any true mountain-lover.



Duration: 16 days | 7 days trekking 

Grade: 5

Pakistan’s Karakoram Mountains will always be a place we can guarantee a wild mountain experience, for any traveller willing to go somewhere different in the pursuit of something special. This incredible adventure will take you to these remote and beautiful regions without committing you to a 2 week trek, perfect for those short on time. The week long trek from Hopar takes you to the rarely visited Rush Lake, a place to witness the stunning backdrop of the Hunza Peaks, the Hispar La, Snow Lake and the giants of the Central Karakoram including K2. 



Duration: 15 days | 10 days trekking 

Grade: 10

We couldn’t leave the most remote peak in the world off our list of the wildest places on earth. The massif of Mount Khuiten, which is also Mongolia’s highest peak, lies far on the reaches of the Russian border, some 2000m kilometres west of Ulaanbaatar. Taking tea with nomadic herders will likely be your only chance of encountering fellow humans on this adventure, where you can expect some sensational days of non-technical climbing to reach the summits of Malchin, Nairandal and of course, Khuiten. Dramatic views of the Potaniin Glacier and the extensive vistas of sweeping plains are just added bonuses on an adventure to a truly wild part of the planet. 




Duration: 12 days | 8 days trekking

Grade: 7

Circumnavigate the Paine massif by completing the coverted 'O Trek' in Patagonia is a classic wild adventure. The landscape in this area of Patagonia is on a massive scale and by staying in a range of fixed campsite we're able to feel total immersion in this wild land. Starting in El Calafate, we follow the trail with views of the amazing Paine Towers in the foothills of Cerro Paine. Over the week we'll camp by the beautiful glacial lake of Lago Dickson, cross the John Garner Pass, follow the River Frances upstream to views of the Frances Glacier, trek along the shores of Lake Nordenskjold and hike through Valle Ascencio and up to one of the most iconic viewpoints in Patagonia.




Duration: 10 days | 6 days trekking

Grade: 5

Seeking a wild mountain experience doesn’t have to mean you can’t travel in style; our luxury lodge trek along the Salkantay trek proves this in spades. The trail follows an ancient pre-Inca trade route and passes by the eponymous snow-capped mountain, delivering a wild and remote experience with the chance to enjoy some wood-burning lodges and hot tubs with dramatic views along the way.  Making full use these scenically-located lodges, you’ll hike for 6 days through this pristine mountain region, home to rare wildlife and imbued with the Quechua culture. Your reward for venturing into the true heart of the Andes? A guided visit of the iconic Inca marvel, Machu Picchu, to make your adventure truly unforgettable.



Duration: 21 days | 16 days trekking

Grade: 9

A Peruvian adventure with a difference, venturing into the realms of the Andes beyond the Inca trails around Machu Picchu offers you the reward of a remote, wild mountain experience. The Cordillera Huayhuash contains what many would argue is some of the finest trekking and climbing in the whole of South America, and there’s enough of it to go around that you can be assured you’ll encounter few other trekkers on this circuit. A high-level trail, crossing high passes and taking you into remote valleys, is the best way to witness the knife-edge ridges and distinctive fluted ice faces of the unforgettable Huayhuash, and our expert guides will ensure you’re camping at some of the best locations in the Andes along the way.


Costa Rica


Duration: 21 days | 16 days trekking

Grade: 3

With an itinerary designed to take you to lesser-known corners of Costa Rica, we blend walks through steamy jungles, bubbling mud pools and hot springs with all the wildlife encounters you'd hope for on a trip to Costa Rica. Search for exotic birds included quetzals in the El Copal Reserve. When we journey by boat to the Corcovado National Park expect to spot dolphins, whales and turtles. After our time walking in the wild Arenal Volcano National Park we'll stop at the Las Pumas Rescue Shelter to see several big cats, saved here but close to extinction in the wild, including the jaguar, puma and ocelet, and at all times be on the lookout for coatis, tapir and sloths. 



Duration: 8 days | 6 days walking 

Grade: 4

Proving that you don’t have to delve into the depths of a mountain range to trek in the world’s wildest places, the Balkans are home to beautiful landscapes which offer a wild nature experience. Beyond the spectacular gems of Mostar and the Ottoman Bridge, off-the-beaten-track trekking deep in the heart of the Cyrsnica and Bjelasnica Mountains reveals timeless, untouched landscapes. On this journey of discovery, you’ll also hike to the summit of Mount Maglic, the highest peak in Bosnia. 


Duration: 9 days | 7 days walking

Grade: 5

Be tempted by a truly unique journey with the chance to hike along hidden trails through a secret corner of the Balkans. Montenegro and Serbia’s mountains are still very much off the beaten track, extremely dramatic and packed with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. You’ll see few other tourists or trekkers as you head through the magnificent Bjelasica Mountains and stay in nomadic shepherd huts, all before crossing into Serbia. Walking through the Uvac canyon, you’ll be able to witness the natural wild wonder of seeing a Griffin Vulture colony soar as well. 



Duration: 8 days | 6 days walking and snowshoeing

Grade: 3

Ice-covered fjords, glaciers, soaring mountains, and rare wildlife; it doesn’t get much wilder than an adventure into the Arctic and the far north. If you really like the idea of delving into the furthest reaches, exploring on an intimate 33 birth schooner is the way to do it. This ship's small size means you can access small remote fjords and isolated areas, transporting you instantly into areas where you can set foot on land for some of the wildest snowshoeing you’ll ever do.




Duration: 13 days | 5 days trekking 

Grade: 5

Whilst seeing animals in their natural habitat is one of the wildest experiences you can have, when it comes to Malawi, we like to make sure you don’t miss out on the wild mountain experience of trekking its highest peak, Mt Mulanje. The journey to the top is packed with variety, including spectacular waterfalls, granite boulders and rocky terrain. When you reach the top, you’ll experience the surreal phenomena which gives the mountain its nickname, ‘Island of Sky’. Picturesque mist surrounds it, meaning you’ll feel like you’re floating on an otherworldly summit in the elements. 


Duration: 21 days | 18 days trekking

Grade: 8

The Atlas Mountains: famous for one of our favourite 4000m peaks, the mighty Mount Toubkal, but also home to so much more. If you’ve got the time and a desire to stand where few other travellers will have stood, the spiny ridges and tumbling red valleys of the Atlas offer a trekking journey which is hard to beat. Camp on high mountain pastures, wind your way up barely-there trails and stand on top of remote and beautiful peaks. You’ll then be able to climb the highest mountain in Morocco (and North Africa), Toubkal, in the knowledge you’ll have seen far more of the Atlas than most who climb it ever will.


Duration: 14 days | 6 days walking 

Grade: 3

Sometimes to truly access the wild, you need to walk with those who know it as well as the backs of their hands. Follow in the footsteps of Maasai warriors to discover the rural and rolling foothills of Kilimanjaro, using paths normally only trodden by wildlife. Wild camping amongst preserved, this adventure offers a sense of the wild in a different kind of way, where you’ll explore in the knowledge you’re simply a visitor in a place where the wildlife truly reigns. 

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