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In the spirit of the Bedouin we camp

Looking out across the immense landscape of Wadi Rum, the scorched red sands are broken up by rugged rocky outcrops, and there is barely a sign of l... Read more
In the spirit of the Bedouin we camp

Looking out across the immense landscape of Wadi Rum, the scorched red sands are broken up by rugged rocky outcrops, and there is barely a sign of life. Yet, this baking desert is home to one of the world's oldest nomadic tribes; the Bedouin.

For over 10,000 years the Bedouin (Arabic for desert people) have moved through the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa, in search of food and water for both themselves, and their livestock, rarely spending more than 10 days in one place. Like many nomadic cultures and tribes around the world, the Bedouin carry with them their homes. Defining a traditional Bedouin tent is hard, as whenever possible they favoured cooling caves in amongst the outcroppings of rock, and the shapes and designs would vary from tribe to tribe, and from whatever resources they had available. But when deep into the desert, with no caves for shelter, they would pitch a tent-like structure, covered in a goat or camel hair fabric to offer crucial shade.

The Bedouin still travel through the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, but many are now educating travellers about their ancient cultures and traditions by welcoming them to experience life at a Bedouin camp. While the tents might vary, the experience of staying in the desert under canvas, eating food prepared over an open fire, remains the same as it has for thousands of years.

We have many tours in North Africa and along the Arabian Peninsula that incorporate stays at a Bedouin camp or in the style of the Bedouin.


Jordan's Hidden Trails

Explore the hidden trails of Jordan and trek through the desert into the ancient city of Petra, after taking a soak in the mineral rich dead sea. We not only take in 2 nights at a Bedouin camp, but you will also have a guided tour of this vast desert with a Bedouin tribesman. You will not only learn about their way of life, but experience it right down to the traditional sweet herbal teas and food cooked in the ancient zerb ovens buried into the ground.


Red to Dead Sea bike through Jordan

More than just a bike ride between two of the world's most famous seas. This is a 450km cultural ride through an area Lawrence of Arabia called “vast, echoing and god-like”. After taking a day's rest to explore Petra, you’ll cycle through the Wadi Rum desert where our Bedouin guides welcome you to their camp, and you can rest under a blanket of stars.


Morocco Family Adventure

Bedouin tribes travelled far and wide including into the Sahara sands of Morocco, bringing Islam to Morocco's Berber people. Our family adventure takes you through the dunes at the foot of the ​​Saredrar Mountains. Here you will be greeted by the local Berber guide and taken into their camp, where you will stay in their traditional Bedouin-style tents, known as Khaimas, and treated to delicious food cooked by the open camp fire.


Trek the Coast and Mountains of Oman

A jewel of Arabia, Oman is an eclectic country teaming with tradition and a culture little changed in a century, yet with a modern twist of technology and comfort. KE is one of the few tour operators running real mountain treks in Oman. This holiday takes you from the coast to the high mountains, with 6 nights spent trekking and camping, in a truly modern homage to the Bedouin whose footsteps you follow in.


Trek the edge of the Sahara

The Bedouin travelled with their train of camels all the way from Syria to the Moroccan Sahara. This trips takes you along the edge of the great desert, between ancient villages and magnificent dunes, just as the Bedouin have done for thousands of years.


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