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Nordic Adventure Holidays

Iceland, Finland, Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands & Sweden In Europe's far north, the Viking lands of Scandanavia and Vestnorden boast some of... Read more
Nordic Adventure Holidays

Iceland, Finland, Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands & Sweden

In Europe's far north, the Viking lands of Scandanavia and Vestnorden boast some of the most awe-inspring geology on earth. Spectacular Northern Lights, extensive ice-caps, dramatic waterfalls, unique wildlife, vast horizons of forest and active volcanoes are just some of the incredible and unmissable sights. Take a closer look...



A magical adventure travel destination with a surprisingly mild climate. The almost uninhabited south-central region of the Fjallabak is the focus of attention for trekking and here, beneath the steaming summit of Mount Hekla, there are geysers, hot springs, towering waterfalls and some of the wildest terrain in Europe. Visit the Golden Circle in a weekend on our Volcanoes and Vikings Icelandic Weekend holiday or trek the 'Land of Fire and Ice' on our Iceland Three Peaks Challenge.




A once-in-a-lifetime destination, it's one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Vast stretches of serene, postcard-perfect landscapes where it is at times possible to travel for hours without seeing a single soul.  Most of Norway is mountainous, with the Jotunheimen towards the south of the country, being the most impressive range. Walk in the 'Land of the Giants' on our Traverse of the Jotenheimen trekking holiday or look out for arctic wildlife on the Realm of the Polar Bear.




Finland is deep north. It's a pristine wilderness amongst spruce forest and sparkling lakes with revitalising crisp air. It's an outstanding country to go in search of the Northern Lights but it has a lot more to offer and is perfect for a wintery adventure. The capital Helsinki is a vibrant seaside city, yet relaxed and easy to get around. Go dog-sledding and travel by snowmobile as well as overnight in an igloo on our multi-active Arctic Wilderness Week.




Greenland offers unique opportunities for adventure travellers. Hiking and camping, with boat support, it is possible to explore a landscape unlike anything else on earth, where granite peaks rise above glaciers which calve their icebergs directly into the sea. Trek through the ultimate arctic wilderness on our Icefjords and Remote Villages of East Greenland  or visit Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard during a 2 week Polar Cruising holiday - Arctic Highlights.



Faroe Islands

Although small and remote, the Faroese nature is very real. The islands were recently named the world's most appealing destination by National Geographic Magazine and our Far out in the Faroe Islands holiday was their 'Number 1 best trip to take this year'. The islands are rugged and rocky and the highest peak is Slaettaratindur at 882m above sea level. They're inhabited by the most prolific bird life, including the puffins of Mykines Island. They really are something special.




A land of incredible contrast from dense pine forest and craggy mountains to rolling hills and glossy golden beaches. There are thousands of lakes, modern and sophisticated cities and bleak arctic tundra. It's perfect for summer or winter adventures. See the Northern Lights from Abisko, one of the best places to see them in the world on our Northern Lights Snowshoe Safari or take the children and enjoy husky dog-sledding on our Winter Wonderland Arctic Adventure.



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