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Our Favourite Jordan Tours

Offering a quintessentially middle eastern topography, Jordan’s vast deserts, ancient city ruins and striking natural reserves are outstanding. It... Read more
Our Favourite Jordan Tours

Offering a quintessentially middle eastern topography, Jordan’s vast deserts, ancient city ruins and striking natural reserves are outstanding. Its naturally adventurous terrain has made it a firm favourite with KE Adventure and our travellers for years. We thought we’d round up our best selling Jordan tours so you can choose the perfect one for you. Whether you’re travelling solo, looking for a cycling holiday or an adventure for the whole family, we have a Jordan tour for you.


Dana to Petra Trek

Trekking enthusiasts, our Dana to Petra Trek is the walking holiday for you. The 8-day Petra trek through some of Jordan’s most spectacular scenes, including the gorgeous Dana Nature Reserve, is described as the Middle East’s equivalent to the Inca Trail. 

You’ll start your trek in Dana’s 500 year old village. See the Dana Mountains from below as you pass through a wide valley beneath these craggy peaks, sleeping under the stars in a traditional Bedouin camp. The night sky here is an effusion of activity, with star clusters and astrological wonders to behold. 

The classic hamada landscapes of dry, rocky desert offer an authentic taste of Jordan that you will have the pleasure of trekking through. Take in the endless Wadi Araba desert to one side, which is literally and figuratively in opposition to the soaring mountain range that faces it. With an insight only a local would know, your native trip leader will point out the ancient ruins you’ll pass on your trek, adding a penetrable atmosphere of history and culture to the natural landscape. 

Interspersions of green will tell you that you’re heading further from the endless sand into Reis al Feid where you’ll follow a serpentine track usually footed by goat herders. From here we’ll continue on towards Petra. 

Follow your trip leader down a much quieter trekking route, arriving at Petra through it’s back door. Surrounded by a stunning fortress of blushing sandstone, Petra gets its nickname, ‘the Rose City’, from it’s enchantingly pink landscape. Here you’ll enjoy a guided tour of Petra on your final day of trekking.

This adventurous tour of Jordan gives you a true experience of the country’s varied terrain and extraordinary history. You don’t need to be a fully seasoned hiker, as much of the trekking is gentle and easily navigated. However, prepare for some occasionally more difficult feats where an ascent is necessary. 

Jordan’s Wadi Rum and Petra

Take a tour of Jordan through Wadi Rum and Petra on this 8-day adventure holiday. As well as holding secrets to Jordan’s more ancient past, there are also landmarks of Lawrence of Arabia’s time in Jordan’s deserts during the Great Water, including Lawrence’s Well. We’ll trek here on our first day of walking and it’s likely this will be the only running water you see on your Jordan tour. The water that fills this well also nourishes the surrounding flora. Take in the lush gardens and fig trees before we hike into the vast expanse of Wadi Rum. 

A scorched landscape of burnt red, the beautifully barren Wadi Rum desert is fascinating. Known as ‘The Valley of The Moon’, it certainly holds up to its name, with a lunar-esque landscape that begs to be explored on foot. Burdah Bridge certainly falls into this category. The 35m high rock bridge connects two faces of the sandy Burrah Canyon. Although a difficult hike to reach Burdah Bridge, it’s one of the most spectacular sites within Wadi Rum. 

This exciting tour of Jordan also includes climbing the country’s highest peak, Jebel Um Adaami. At a height of 1,832m, you’ll be rewarded at the summit with uninterrupted views of this otherworldly desert landscape. 

Reaching Petra towards the end of the week, you’ll see the Treasury, Siq and more on a guided tour of this UNESCO site before unwinding with a fresh mint tea. 

A moderately difficult week-long trek, this tour of Jordan is spent traversing pristine desert before arriving at the Rose City. 

Bike Dead to Red

Looking for a tour of Jordan on two wheels, not two feet? This challenging mountain cycle will take you south, starting at Madaba near the famous Dead Sea, and ending in Jordan’s most south westerly corner at the apex of the Red Sea. 

The adventurous cycling holiday is composed of stop-off points at famous sites across Jordan, including Mount Nebo, where Moses is said to have lived out his last days. The beautiful, earthy mount offers incredible views from Jordan’s western border towards the West Bank. On a clear day you can even see the holy city of Jerusalem.

With native trip leaders that have come to know Jordan’s landscapes by heart, follow dirt tracks to King Herod’s Palace before cycling down to the Dead Sea and its surrounding nature reserve. 

This culture-rich adventure wouldn’t be complete without a day touring Petra, traversing down the narrow Siq where you seem to travel through time as we explore this 2000 year old metropolis. 

Following a southward path through stunning scenery, incredible relics and local villages, we’ll eventually arrive at the Red Sea for a revitalising swim after 450km of cycling. 

We make sure you’re fully immersed in Jordanian culture, so as well as hotels, you’ll spend an evening at a local homestay, enjoying a fresh, home-cooked meal by a local family. You’ll also spend a night under the stars in an authentic Bedouin Camp. There’s nothing quite like a desert sunrise. 

On this trip you’ll cover 450km of Jordan’s terrain, 30% of which will be off road, making this exciting holiday a seasoned cycler’s dream. Take our 9-day cycling tour of Jordan from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea. 

Jordan Family Adventure Holiday 

You may be reading this thinking that all these adventures sound amazing, but about travelling with kids? Well, we’ve got that covered, too. Our Jordan Family Adventure Holiday covers all the highlights of this magnificent land while making sure it’s a family affair. 

This exciting activity holiday ta

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