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Our week in Slovenia: a family adventure we'll never forget

In October 2018 I was lucky to be able to join a family trip in Slovenia with my then 8 year old son Lennon through KE where I wor... Read more
Our week in Slovenia: a family adventure we'll never forget
In October 2018 I was lucky to be able to join a family trip in Slovenia with my then 8 year old son Lennon through KE where I work as Account Manager. As this was our first ever family adventure holiday I didn’t really know what to expect, though I was definitely looking forward to be spending some quality time with my son where no school or work gets in our way for a full week. Little did we know what a great adventure was about to start and how much space it would take in our hearts, never to be forgotten.

We were staying in a hotel Spik in Kranjska Gora, surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. Straight away we got to meet our two guides Ales and Jernej and all the families joining us on this trip. We clicked straightaway, and I knew this holiday will be a brilliant life experience.

The guides are for sure some of the most important people when it comes to a trip like this. Both our guides were absolutely amazing. They were knowledgeable, friendly, organised and were good both with parents and kids. We never felt under any pressure for any activity to be finished at certain time. They made sure we felt relaxed so we could get the best out of each adventurous activity during the week. They went beyond what was expected and accommodated our optional choices in a great manner. You could feel their big love for their stunning country.

As a working mum of two I am always busy organising day to day family life. Now I could finally sit back, have everything organised for me and just enjoy every minute.

Activities are certainly the core of the trip. But not a single trip note can describe the real feeling unless you experience it yourself. On the first day we got to go for a walk to see Martuk Waterfalls. Stepping into Slovenia countryside you immediately fall in love. We were really lucky to have a beautiful weather all week with clear skies and the views were just breath taking. It felt like an Autumn wonderland. Our kids were running up and down, their energy was unbelievable. It only took the forest covered with colourful leaves with no technology required to entertain our children.

Biking was my favourite day. As we cycled I felt as if beautiful mountains were hugging us from each side. We got to have a coffee in a mountain hut situated on the lake. The water was so clear we were staring into it at the hills reflected in it like a mirror. The kids were so excited to be crossing the border with Italy - we all ticked it off as two countries in one day.

Going to the adventure park with high ropes is a day where the parents became kids again. Laughing, screaming, shouting and words of encouragement were heard all the way round. We all had a go on the flying fox and the zip wire with a view on to Lake Bled was a great finish before we left the park.

Rafting was one of the funniest days for all families. Before you get to do this you will be taken to Vrsic Pass with one of the best panoramic views in Slovenia. We were rafted down 7 km of the beautiful River Soca where the scenery again did its wonders . Our guides managed to make a slide from leaning one of the rafts against a riverside cliff and let kids - and some brave parents - jump and slide down into the water from the top of a massive rock. It definitely was one of the highlights of the trip for majority of our kids.

The last day of activities was the most adventurous. We went tobogganing in the morning where our kids showed their competitive and energetic natures. This was a good start to get our adrenalin ready for the biggest highlight of the trip – the jump from the steepest zip wire in Europe in a gorgeous Nordic Centre over the biggest ski jump. This was something we learnt from Jernej on biking trip that people can do there. Our kids asked straightaway whether it would be possible for them to do it as well. Again our guides accommodated our interest and off we went. I can’t describe emotions running through us when we got to the top. I can still remember feeling so nervous but extremely excited. I would highly recommend this to everyone as this was something out of this word. And that’s not all – then it was time outdoor rock climbing. Again stunning scenery, competitive souls and the great enjoyment for both parents and kids.

Part of this trip is experiencing a local cuisine, learning a lot about Slovenian history and getting to relax in a leisure centre in a hotel Spik. I don’t think there was any evening our kids would not go for a swim before evening meal. We all got along, had a great time every day and evenings were lovely, the kids having a great time playing board games with each other and the adults enjoying a bit of wine tasting with some wonderful Slovenian wines.

I know Slovenia is just a tiny pin of our planet but it will take something special to beat the high me and Lennon experienced over there. So if you are thinking about wanting to spend some amazing time with your kids and add some unforgettable adventures on your list this is definitely the trip. You will feel the ‘sLOVEnia’.

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