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Family Holidays in Italy

Family holidays in Italy involve a week of island hopping, water fun, short walks and hands-on geography lessons.

Italy offers an idyllic getaway with captivating activities. From coastal walks in Sicily, to pizza-making fun and aquatic adventures. Witnessing Stromboli's fiery display and exploring Mount Etna adds to the thrills, while ample water time ensures an unforgettable experience for all the family.

Best Family Holiday Activities in Italy

With its stunning coastline, rugged mountains and excellent trails, Italy is the perfect destiation for a family activity.

Water sports

Along the Mediterranean coast of Italy, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy paddle boarding, swimming, and kayaking. The tranquil waters invite paddle boarders to take in the stunning coastal scenery, while swimmers relish the refreshing embrace of the azure sea. Kayaking offers a unique way to explore Italy's picturesque coastline, making it an enticing destination for a family holiday.

Trekking in the Alps


Trekking in the Alps is not only a captivating adventure for seasoned hikers but also an ideal setting to introduce children to the wonders of trekking. The majestic Alps offer a gentle yet enchanting terrain for family outings, fostering a love for the outdoors in the younger generation. Amidst this natural playground, children can soak in the breathtaking beauty of snow-capped peaks, lush meadows, and pristine alpine lakes, making every step a memorable and educational experience.

Pizza Making

Immerse yourself in the art of pizza-making under the guidance of a local chef. This hands-on experience will introduce us to the secrets of crafting the perfect pizza dough and the skill of tossing it with flair, following the traditional 'over the head on one finger' technique. You will have the chance to personalize your pizza with a variety of delicious toppings. Your creations will be placed onto the large paddle and expertly slid into a blazing oven, emerging as delectable masterpieces.

Boat Ride

Boat rides in Italy promises a delightful adventure through the country's enchanting islands. Sail along the picturesque coastline, leading you to the mesmerizing Cave di Pomice, where the gleaming pumice stone formations stand as a testament to nature's artistry. Stop at the idyllic island of Panarea, where children will love playing on its sandy bays and swimming in the turquoise waters. Upon reaching the charming port, you have the opportunity to disembark, whether to explore the island's charming streets or take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters. Continue your voyage through the azure expanse, passing by the rocky islets surrounding Basiluzzo, each offering a glimpse of the natural wonders that make Italy's islands an unforgettable family holiday destination.






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