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Walking Holidays in Madeira

With bursts of colour the tropical flora you'll spy along the trails, and lush levadas which weave from volcanic mountain tops to the floor of the valleys, Madeira is a fascinating place which offers the perfect walking holiday adventure. 

Nominally part of Portugal but actually much closer to Morocco, the Atlantic island of Madeira is enticing, exotic and endlessly surprising. This stunning island is longing to be explored, almost always within sight of the roaring Atlantic Ocean. Whether you are conquering Pico Ruivo, Madeira's highest peak, or exploring an incredible network of footpaths throughout the island, you are guaranteed to finish your day with a bica or glass of Madeira wine, while tucking into some honey cake and soaking up some sun. This is one of the many reasons why Madeira is an amazing walking holiday destination.

Highlight of Walking in Madeira

The Levadas, an ancient intricate network of water channels, serve as the quintessential highlight of a walking holiday in Madeira. 

These enchanting pathways offer a harmonious fusion of nature and human ingenuity. Carved into the island's rugged terrain, the Levadas wind through emerald forests, cascading waterfalls, and terraced vineyards. Each step taken along these ancient channels is a journey through time, revealing centuries of island history and engineering marvels. The gentle, meandering trails are accessible to hikers of all levels, making them an inclusive treasure for both beginners and experienced trekkers. Embracing the Levadas, one finds a serene connection with Madeira's breathtaking landscapes, creating unforgettable memories of tranquility and adventure intertwined.

Self-guided Walking in Madeira 

Self-guided walking holidays in Madeira offer the freedom to explore this stunning island at your own pace. Armed with detailed guide books and itineraries, you can embark on personalised adventures, choosing your routes and stopping points. The lush landscapes, rugged terrain, and breath taking coastlines become your playground. Discover hidden treasures, charming villages, and natural wonders, all while relishing the solitude of a self-paced journey. It's an immersive way to experience Madeira, fostering a deeper connection with its beauty and culture as you navigate the trails on your terms.


Year Round Walking Holidays in Madeira

Step into a perpetual springtime on Madeira, the enchanting island offering year round walking holidays. With its evergreen landscapes, diverse terrain, and a climate that remains temperate in every season, this paradise is a hiker's dream. 

Traversing ancient laurel forests, you'll feel like you've wandered into a fairy tale. Follow the Levadas, the intricate irrigation channels turned into picturesque paths, meandering through lush valleys and across misty waterfalls. Along the coast, precipitous cliffs reveal endless ocean vistas. Even in winter, you'll relish walks in pleasant sunshine. Madeira's all-season charm ensures that every day holds a new adventure, a new path to tread.

Top 3 walking holidays in Madeira

Home to stunning views, incredible coastlines and perfect walking trails, Madeira is the perfect place to explore on foot

Levada Trails and Peaks of Madeira

Embark on an idyllic island walking holiday amidst the stunning landscapes of Madeira. Immerse yourself in the splendour of the Levada Trails and Peaks of Madeira, and traverse the renowned 'Balcony Walk,' connecting Pico Ruivo and Pico do Arieiro, the highest peaks on the island, offering breathtaking vistas at every turn. Throughout your journey, you'll have the opportunity to explore Madeira's diverse landscapes, from the lush greenery of the west to the rugged beauty of the east and the captivating heart of the island.

Self-Guided Walking on Madeira


Embark on a scenic journey along the Levada do Norte, which stands as the oldest and longest levada on Madeira. These charming irrigation channels provide an enchanting backdrop to your explorations, leading you through lush landscapes and into the heart of the island's beauty. Venture into the quaint village of Santana, renowned for its distinctive high-pitched Madeiran houses, each a testament to the island's unique architecture and heritage. Another highlight of this walking holiday in Madeira awaits on the Paul da Serra Plateau, an elevated plateau standing some 1500 meters above the coast, where the vistas are nothing short of breathtaking.

Walking in Madeira

Unearth the enchanting wonders of Madeira, often referred to as the "Pearl of the Atlantic," during a one-week self-guided walking holiday. This personalized adventure invites you to explore the island at your own pace, soaking in the rich tapestry of experiences it offers. Embark on a captivating journey along the Levada do Norte, the oldest and longest levada on Madeira, where centuries of history are etched into the landscape. Delve into the charming village of Santana, home to the iconic high-pitched Madeiran houses and ascend to the awe-inspiring Paul da Serra Plateau, perched some 1500 meters above the coast.






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