Located on the North American continent, the United States of America comprises 48 adjoining states, bordered to the north by Canada and to the south by Mexico. The 49th state is Alaska, a huge wilderness territory that lies to the north-west of Canada. Across the length and breadth of this huge country, there is every type of landscape imaginable, from snowy wastes to burning desert and from ocean beaches to rugged mountain peaks. The biggest mountain range in the USA is the Rockies, which forms the continental divide, extending 4800 kilometres (3000 miles) from northern Mexico, through the USA and Canada into Alaska. From Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney in the High Sierra and from the Grand Canyon, through Utah's red-rock landscapes to the 'Wild West' town of Moab and the Colorado Rockies, there are plenty of adventure options in the USA for walkers, mountain bikers and for family groups.

Time Zone

Because the USA is so extensive east to west, it has a great range of different time zones. During the daylight-saving period of April to October, the time in Alaska is GMT – 8 hours, for instance. In California, the time is GMT – 7 hours. In Wyoming, the time is GMT – 6 hours. And, for reference, in the most easterly states, which include New York, the time is GMT – 4 hours.