Japan - Land of the Rising Sun - in East Asia, is actually an archipelago of some 6,800 islands. Japan has the most incredible culture and food that is really out of this world in regards to excitement and flavour. Japan's highest mountain is Mount Fuji at 3,776m. This beautifully symmetrical snow-capped volcanic cone can be seen on a clear day from Tokyo. Further to the north we have the Central Japanese Alps which have mountains of just under 3000m. The main cities in Japan have an orderliness within the crowds which is quite remarkable, and the people are warm and friendly even in central Tokyo. The cities are designed with large green spaces for the Shinto shrines allowing one to find peace and beauty between the buildings. Away from the cities the people are no less warm and intriguing. Japanese food consists of an amazing array of interesting and tasty dishes, which for the main part are a far cry from the classic sushi that is so world famous. Whatever reason you have for travelling to Japanese you will find another 50 more to return in the future!

Time Zone

Japan Time Zone is GMT + 9hrs