About our Family holidays


  • Take your kids on the adventure-of-a-lifetime
  • Meet a puffin in Iceland, a llama in Peru or an elephant in Africa
  • Explore the high valleys of the Alps or the Himalayas
  • Kayak in Croatia, rock climb in Slovenia and eat ice cream in Italy
  • Ride a camel and go surfing in Morocco

It's a wonderful world and there's no better way to experience its magic than by taking your family on an family adventure holiday. Travelling with children is incredibly rewarding as they see, hear and are in awe of the small things that us adults can sometimes take for granted. With over 30 years history of running adventure travel holidays, coupled with our experience of travelling with our families, we know exactly what it takes to make a family adventure. Each of our family adventures has been designed to ensure that both parents and children get the most out of their holiday.

We have adventures that focus on the world's breathtaking landscapes, from the national parks of the American west to the high Himalayan valleys of India and Nepal. You can visit Machu Picchu on a family adventure holiday in Peru, or hike in the high valleys below Mount Everest in Nepal family adventure. Choose from an action-packed itineraries to keep teenagers entertained or more laid-back holiday for all the family.

Wildlife can also be an important element of your holiday with KE, whether that's stroking an ostrich and meeting the meerkats on our Family Garden Route holiday in South Africa, visiting a young elephant rehabilitation sanctuary in our on Family holiday in Sri Lanka, lions on a Tanzania Family Wildlife Spectacular and Tigers in Rajasthan.

On any KE family adventure, you should also get a feeling for the culture of the country you're visiting and we try to include those little elements that make your experience more ‘real', such as pizza-making in Italy, ice-fishing in Sweden or creating your own ‘batik' in Sri Lanka .

Whether you are a regular KE client looking to share your pioneering spirit with the children, or you are dipping your toes in the waters of adventure travel for the first time, you should find your perfect holiday amongst our family adventures. Exotic cultures, breath-taking natural environments and amazing historical treasures have never been more accessible for the whole family to enjoy.

Group sizes are limited to a maximum of 16 to allow easier interaction with the local people and to leave fewer footprints in a world where it is important that we are environmentally aware. Choose one of our active family adventures and get ready for the greatest show on earth!

Latest Family traveller reviews

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FSL - Sri Lanka Family Island Explorer
Sri Lanka Family Island Explorer   Jane (OXFORD)

Thoroughly enjoyable experience. The range of places we visited, mix of activity and wildlife, culture and company made for a really lovely holiday. We would definitely consider a KE adventure holiday in the
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FPC - Les Petits Caravaniers Family Adventure
Morocco Family Adventure Desert Trek   Simon Maudslay (Chester, UK)

Our local guide, Mohammed, was calm friendly and informative. Very well done! The kids had fun, we will take them on another cultural experience next year. The contact with the locals, guide and support crew
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was great and the three families also hit it off. We loved sleeping outside the tent on the sand dunes watching the stars and enjoyed the quietness and beauty of the surroundings.
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FPC - Les Petits Caravaniers Family Adventure
Morocco Family Adventure Desert Trek   Richard Andrew (Greater Manchester, UK)

I enjoyed being with French and English families, the trek and the children loved riding the camels. We really appreciated the unique nature of travelling with French families and would certainly be interested
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in travelling with such families on another trip. My wife and I were talking about the many holidays/trips that we have done in our lives. We came up with our top three, all were with KE.
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FPC - Les Petits Caravaniers Family Adventure
Morocco Family Adventure Desert Trek   Ray Green (Oldham, UK)

Exceeded expectations - the trip was excellent, the final night in the Berber tents was magical. The trek took in different aspects each day and the landscape each day changed. The food was great -good quality
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and plenty of it! The experience was great, local knowledge of guide was great. Joining with the french families gave the holiday an extra twist, with the bonus of improving our French.
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