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22 iconic adventures we're dreaming of

We think completing any adventure, known or unknown, is the key to a happy life. Let's start planning, preparing, booking and packing. Here's 22 of ... Read more
22 iconic adventures we're dreaming of

We think completing any adventure, known or unknown, is the key to a happy life. Let's start planning, preparing, booking and packing. Here's 22 of the most iconic adventures on the planet to inspire your next adventure in the wild places of the world.


Perhaps the pinnacle of iconic adventures, it’s hard to beat the sense of achievement felt at the entrance to Everest Basecamp. A mecca for anyone who feels the pull of the mountains, its Nepal’s jaw-dropping range of the Himalaya that makes this journey so special, home to both the indomitable Sherpa people and some of the world’s greatest mountaineering legends. As a lodge-based trek just shy of two-weeks long, it’s also the perfect introduction to Himalayan trekking, where you’ll likely fall in love with this high altitude world of snow-drenched peaks, crystal clear air and fluttering prayer flags.

>> Everest Basecamp Trek

>> The Ultimate Everest Trek

>> Everest the Hard Way


It’s pretty incredible that one of the world’s most impressive mountains, a member of the seven summits, is an achievement that anyone who’s up for a challenge (and doesn’t hate the idea of trekking) can aim for. The best part is that reaching the top of Kilimanjaro is about so much more than its membership in the seven summits; it’s the highest free-standing mountain in the world, it’s teeming with different terrains and eco-systems, and you’ll remember the journey to the top with your team of dedicated porters for life. 

>> Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

>> Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro



Over 600 years ago the Incas decided to construct a citadel in the clouds of the Andes, and years later it’s become the pinnacle of Peruvian wonders that travellers flock to see. What was it built for? No one knows. All we do know is that it’s absolutely magnificent. The best way to experience it is combined with a trek in the Andes, walking the trails the Incas themselves forged. To make your trip extra special you can also visit the Galapagos Islands, Lake Titicaca by train or the Peruvian rainforest. Just check out the 'Extend your holiday' tab on the trip pages. 

>> Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

>> Trek from Choquequirao to Machu Picchu


Another ancient wonder, the lost city of Petra lies nestled in a basin among the mountains of the Arabah valley. Beautifully hewn from sandstone, its immense columns, monasteries and treasuries are like nothing else on earth. What’s more, an adventure to see this marvel will give you chance to explore the beauty of Jordan. Trekking from Dana to Petra along the Jordan Trail is one of the best ways to experience both, as walking on Bedouin trails through the desert will take you to the ‘back door’ of Petra, and allow you to experience the monastery with barely any other visitors.

>> Jordan Trek Dana to Petra

>> Cycling Jordan Dead to the Red Sea


Walking point to point, day after day, is simultaneously one of the most challenging and most rewarding adventures out there. There’s a reason long-distance routes are found everywhere, from the Scottish highlands to America’s Appalachia and beyond; sometimes you need nothing more than to walk, eat, sleep, walk, in the heart of the natural world. Our top recommendations for this kind of challenge include the Tour du Mont Blanc, choosing between 11 days or a more leisurely 14 days, or how about walking part of the Camino de Santiago, guided or self-guided. We have a couple of one and two week holidays on different Camino routes all of which reward those who tackle them with the chance to walk through the spectacular Iberian peninsula in our ancestor's footsteps.

 >>Self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc, 11 or 14 days

>> Self-guided Caminos, 8 to 15 days


If cycling is more your speed for some good old fashioned, type 1 fun, then you can get the same joy and sense of satisfaction as completing a long-distance walk on two wheels too, whether it’s a classic sportive route, a journey through somewhere completely new, or an epic cross-country, three-week ride. Road cyclists can choose from European musts like going cross-border in the Balkans, or going further afield for the ultimate challenge, consider the epic Victoria Falls to Cape Town adventure route, where dedicated roadies and off-roaders alike can jump on mountain bikes and discover some of Africa’s most incredible sights.

>> Balkan Trilogy Road Cycle Tour

>> Victoria Falls to Cape Town



The only things which can make a long-distance route even better is stopping in mountain huts along the way. Tiny refuges and well-appointed lodges allow you to stay immersed in dramatic scenery and stunning nature, offering an off-grid sense of wild adventure. Go higher than most and try our Italian high-level route, where you can bag plenty of peaks alongside sleeping perched beside lofty glaciers, pictured. Outside of the Alps, you can enjoy these same thrills by completing the Jotunheimen traverse in Norway (which, by the way, means your holiday in Norway becomes exceptionally affordable), or in Slovenia on route to the nation’s highest peak, Triglav.

>> Italian High-Level Route

>> Traverse of the Jotunheimen

>> Across the Julian Alps to Triglav



Maximise your adventure with a cross-borders journey. Not only will you leave with plenty more stamps on your passport, packing a number of countries into one trip will allow you to experience contrasting cultures in fascinating areas of the world. We recommend heading to the Balkans for some incredible multi-country adventures, be that walking in the borderlands or summiting the highest peak in each country, or try the Baltics, where you can pack wonderful day-walks, colourful city tours and visiting beautiful national parks across 4 countries easily into a 10 day adventure.

>> Walking in the Balkan Borderlands

 >> Baltic trails and Helsinki Adventure

>> Best of the Tour du Mont Blanc



It’s on many travellers bucket lists to see one of the Polar regions, and there are plenty of reasons why. They’re the ends of the earth, the most unreal, wild places left on the planet. They’re home to staggering scenes of drifting ice, snow-capped mountains and gloriously vast landscapes, along with a range of unique and wonderful wildlife. Whether you go to experience a world far-removed from civilisation, spot polar bears or walk amongst penguins, you’ll leave with a sense of awe, wonder and a desire to preserve these magical places in any way you can. We recommend a small-group expedition ship or schooner to explore with minimal impact. In the Arctic, you can enjoy an expedition cruise or hike and sail adventure around the realm of the Arctic, Svalbard and Norway, whilst in the south, you’ll depart from Argentina to voyage to Antarctica, where mountains, ice and sea collide. Our 2022 dates for Antarctica are now on sale.

>> Svalbard Hike and Sail

>> Spirit of Shackleton Expedition



Don't overlook the UK when you're planning next year - the UK's finest trails pack a punch as mighty as their international rivals. Choose from over 30 different long-disance trails walking in splendid independence, the self-guided way, with our sister company Mickledore, also based in Keswick. Or enjoy expert local guiding along a variety of routes in Scotland and Ireland. Despite it being near impossible to pick just one trip, we've chosen Scotland's West Highland Way, for the sheer magnificance of its Highland scenery. And the whiskey! Mickledore offers 6 variations of the route, from hitting the trail hard with 6 days walking (16 miles a day) to taking it nice and easy over 9 days walking (11 miles a day) or even splitting the route in two halves of 3 days walking. KE offers the route guided with some of the best leaders in the world to tell you all about the history, culture and wildlife of the trail. 

>> The West Highland Way - Guided


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