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5 places where your pound will go further (and 5 where it won’t)

It kind of goes without saying that the British pound has had a rough few years. However, even if it’s no longer double the dollar it doesn’t me... Read more
5 places where your pound will go further (and 5 where it won’t)

It kind of goes without saying that the British pound has had a rough few years. However, even if it’s no longer double the dollar it doesn’t mean your travel plans are foiled. We’ve put together a list of 5 countries where you can make the most of your pound, and 5 more where you should go no matter what rate the sterling is at for your trip. 

Where the pound is strong

Travellers in the know can get more bang for their buck by heading to these destinations, where, if you’re the sort who enjoys a few drinks at the end of the day and coming back with plenty of souvenirs, you won’t need to break the bank to do it. 


It’s rare to go somewhere that still feels off the beaten track in Europe, but Armenia is exactly that, probably because it sits on the furthest flung edges of the continent. Mountainous and teeming with kaleidoscopic cultural highlights, it’s one of the best places to go for a walking holiday with a difference. The fact that it’s ridiculously cheap to travel here is just an added bonus. Food and drink for an entire day can cost as little as £7, meaning you can sit back and enjoy Armenia’s incredible sights, such as climbing to its highest summit, Aragats, visiting mountain monasteries or relaxing at one of the largest alpine lakes in Eurasia, entirely worry-free. 

How much is my post-trek pint? 72p

How do I get there? Armenia’s Trekking Highlights


Combining mountains and monoliths, a trip to Ethiopia offers stunning trekking through the rugged Simien range alongside the fascinating experience of visiting Lalibela, home to an incredible array of underground churches hewn entirely from rock. The most expensive parts of travelling here are your guides and accommodation, whilst food, drink and general goods remain incredibly cheap. So once we’ve sorted the former for you, you can explore Ethiopia’s cuisine and culture without having to be concerned about extra costs.

How much is my post-trek pint? 73p

How do I get there? Ethiopian Simien Mountains Trek & Lalibela


It’s easy to dismiss Africa as a big-ticket trip – mostly because it’s a place where you go for a bucket list adventure, whether that’s climbing the mighty, free-standing summit of Kilimanjaro or heading out on an epic safari. But once you’re there, it’s completely affordable, so you’ll be able to celebrate with your beverage of choice at the end of a once-in-the-lifetime trek or sup on a sundowner in the reserves after spotting the Big 5.

How much is my post-trek (or safari) pint? 81p

How do I get there? Kilimanjaro Lemosho RouteTanzania Safari - Maasai Adventure


Sure, the flights might set you back a bit, but once you’re there, Guatemala is a great place to be on a budget. There are so many reasons this destination is more than worth the journey, from the fact you can trek up and amongst a realm of incredible volcanoes, camping with a nightly show of distant fizzing lava, to seeing the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal. Plus, its affordability will mean you can take advantage of Guatemala’s traditional food and crafts and come back with a great souvenir: flavoursome coffee, deep jade, brightly painted masks or eye-catching textiles.

How much is my post-trek pint? £1.09

How do I get there? Guatemala's Magnificent SevenIn the Footsteps of the Maya


Whilst Bosnia isn’t quite as cheap as Armenia, it’s still on the edges of Europe and therefore much more affordable than the more visited countries on the continent. With plenty of wild mountains and forests interspersed by vibrant cities and idyllic villages, travel here offers the perfect blend of walking with unique cultural insights. Explore by following ancient trails in the Cvrsnica Mountains, and walking to Bosnia’s historic, highest village, Lukomir, or, if cycling is more your speed, try a rod cycle trilogy, which will take you through Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro too. 

How much is my post-trek pint? £1.20

How do I get there? Undiscovered Balkans - Bosnia and HerzegovinaBalkan Road Cycle Trilogy 

Where you’ll need to watch your pennies

Some places in the world are just always going to be expensive when travelling there from the UK. Here are a few to watch out for, along with how you can still travel there on our excellent value adventures.


Famously an expensive country to travel, Norway’s wild mountain ranges and jaw-dropping fjords draw keen adventurers nonetheless, despite the fact the average daily price for travel is usually a minimum of £100. We offer a traverse of the Jotunheimen, the beautiful range home to iconic sights such as the Besseggen Ridge, for as little as £1495 with all meals included – a hut-to-hut, wild mountain adventure which we think is one of the best ways to truly experience the land of the gods. 

How to get there: Traverse of the Jotunheimen


Similar to Norway, the theme here is that basically, the Far North, whilst beautiful, is an expensive place to travel. But if you head off-grid on a wild, winter adventure, you don’t have to worry about that. On the border with Russia, the boreal trees of the Taiga forest offer the perfect snowy escape, where you won’t need to think about your bank balance – or your office inbox. Spend a week snowshoeing from cabin to cabin, or learning a range of different activities, including husky-sledding, Nordic skiing and igloo building. 

How to get there: Finland Wilderness Snowshoe AdventureFinland Winter Activity Week


In Iceland, its location next to the Arctic Circle and remote place in the world means it’s not conducive to farming and most produce comes in on expensive exports. Therefore for working or travelling, it’s not particularly cheap. However, both these factors also mean Iceland is a simply unforgettable place to visit, home to wild, alien landscapes, thousands of crashing waterfalls and gushing geysers. Make the most of it with a great value group guided adventure, whether that’s completing Iceland's most famous hiking trail across the Fjallaback from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork, discovering its winter wonders with some glacier walking, or taking on a three peaks challenge.

How to get there: Classic Laugavegur Trail TrekIceland Winter AdventureIceland Three Peaks Challenge


Another remote island nation, it’s again the price of imports which make Japan an expensive place to travel. Head to Japan’s frozen north to avoid the expensive inner cities, where there won’t be the temptations of Tokyo or Osaka’s high-tech districts. In Hokkaido, life is simpler but utterly magical. You’ll be able to explore the drift ice around the Shiretoko Peninsula, discover the traditional way of life of the Ainu culture and look for incredible wildlife such as Steller’s Sea Eagles and spot red foxes against the snow.With cultural events to attend, Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival and the Shiretoko Drift-Ice Festival, this is the ultimate – and affordable way – to experience Japan’s landscapes and culture in one.

How to get there: Winter Hokkaido: Japan's Frozen North


In Bhutan, backpackers aren’t allowed and you have to book your tour with a local agent, which, along with a general philosophy of ‘low volume, high value tourism’, can make it a pricey place to visit. However, we include all meals on our adventures, which means once you’re there, there’s very little else to think about. You may be tempted to neighbouring Nepal, where you can see the Himalaya for much cheaper – but you’d be missing out on the rare chance to see a country which has truly retained its own identity, and some spectacular mountains too. There are no luxury shops, no famous brands, no McDonalds or Starbucks here, which makes the price of going more than worth it. 

How to get there: The Druk Path TrekThe Laya Trek

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