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A Guide to Walking Holidays in Greece

Greece caters to hikers of all types with its diverse range of trails. On the mainland, well-kept paths wind their way through olive groves, traverse ... Read more
A Guide to Walking Holidays in Greece

Greece caters to hikers of all types with its diverse range of trails. On the mainland, well-kept paths wind their way through olive groves, traverse stunning gorges and make their way up tranquil mountains. Meanwhile, the Greek islands feature ancient kalderimia, stunning coastal routes, and cobblestone paths dating back to Byzantine times, which link peaceful villages to picturesque sandy coves, creating a unique walking experience. Whether you're exploring the untamed beauty of Greece's Peloponnese along the Menalon Trail, meandering through Crete's White Mountains, following the Corfu Trail, or conquering Mount Olympus, a walking holiday in Greece treats you to an array of diverse landscapes tailored to suit every walker. This article aims to offer a comprehensive guide to the nuances of walking in Greece, assisting you in preparing for your upcoming journey through this captivating country.


Where is Greece?

Greece is a country located in southeastern Europe, situated on the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It shares borders with Albania to the northwest, North Macedonia to the north, Bulgaria to the northeast, and Turkey to the east. To the south, it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, which includes the Aegean Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the west. Greece is known for its extensive coastline and numerous islands, including well-known ones like Crete, Naxos and Santorini.


Reasons to go on a walking holiday to Greece


Stunning Scenery

Greece, known for its ancient history and culture, is also home to stunning natural landscapes. From the iconic Mount Olympus to the captivating canyons and gorges of Crete like Samaria, Aradena, and Imbros, Greece's scenery is diverse and impressive. The Peloponnese region offers rugged terrain that meets the dramatic coastline. The islands of Santorini and Naxos provide breathtaking sunsets and pristine beaches. Crete offers a mix of coastal beauty and mountainous terrain. Corfu and the Ionian Sea add their own charm to Greece's picturesque settings, ensuring that travellers can discover a variety of scenic wonders.


Cultural Immersion

As you traverse historic trails and picturesque villages, you'll encounter the echoes of ancient civilisations. Ancient ruins and archaeological sites are scattered throughout the country, bearing witness to Greece's profound historical significance. The warm and hospitable locals often share their stories and traditions, providing insight into the Greek way of life.



Greek cuisine is renowned for its Mediterranean flavours and the use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. As you explore the country, you'll have the opportunity to savour traditional dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and fresh seafood, all seasoned with aromatic herbs and olive oil. Greek salads with ripe tomatoes, creamy feta, and kalamata olives are a refreshing delight. The country's charming tavernas provide the perfect setting to enjoy these culinary treasures while sipping on local wines or trying ouzo, Greece's famous anise-flavoured spirit.


Amazing Architecture

A walking holiday in Greece not only unveils stunning landscapes but also introduces you to the country's diverse architecture. Santorini's classic, white-washed buildings on volcanic cliffs exemplify Cycladic style. Naxos reveals Venetian and medieval influences, seen in its villages and castles. Crete showcases a blend of Minoan, Venetian, and Ottoman architecture in its historic towns. Corfu's buildings and fortresses reflect its Venetian, French, and British history, while the Peloponnese features ancient temples and Byzantine churches.


Incredible Walking Trails

Greece's walking trails offer diverse experiences in stunning locations. Santorini boasts cliffside paths, while Naxos has a mix of coastal and inland routes. On Crete, you can explore the Samaria, Imbros and Aradena Gorges, the Peloponnese region offers ancient sites and charming villages, and Corfu combines history with lush forests and coastal walks. Greece's trails cater to walkers seeking varied landscapes and cultural immersion.


Regions to visit on a walking holiday in Greece



Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is a walker's paradise, offering a multitude of captivating experiences. The island is renowned for its dramatic canyons and gorges, including the famous Samaria, Aradena, and Imbros. These natural wonders lead you through rugged terrain, immersing you in Crete's wild beauty. Coastal paths like Marmara, Sweetwater, and Loutro invite you to stroll alongside the crystalline waters, while idyllic beaches offer moments of relaxation and tranquillity. The historic city of Chania adds a cultural dimension to your journey, with its charming streets and Venetian influences. Inland, the White Mountains provide a challenging yet rewarding backdrop for walkers, and the serene Omalos Plateau offers a serene respite after a day of walking.



A walking holiday in Greece's Peloponnese region is a journey through captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The Arcadian Mountains offer a picturesque backdrop for your adventures, where you can trek through lush valleys and ancient olive groves. The Lousios Gorge is home to monasteries perched on cliffs, adding a spiritual and historical dimension to your exploration. One of the highlights of this region is the opportunity to experience genuine Greek hospitality. Family-run guesthouses in each mountain village welcome you with open arms, providing not only comfortable accommodations but also a taste of local life and traditions.



Corfu, an enchanting island in the Ionian Sea, offers a delightful setting for a walking holiday in Greece. Its Venetian-influenced old town exudes history and charm, while inland forests and coastal paths provide diverse walking experiences. Corfu's natural beauty and coastal allure make it an ideal destination for walkers seeking a unique blend of history and landscapes.


Santorini & Naxos

Santorini and Naxos, two iconic Greek islands, offer a blend of stunning coastal and inland walks for an unforgettable walking holiday in Greece. In Santorini, you can traverse cliffside paths that showcase the island's distinctive architecture against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea. Naxos provides diverse terrain, from serene coastal strolls to challenging inland treks, allowing you to immerse yourself in the island's cultural and natural heritage. Whether you're captivated by the breathtaking sunsets of Santorini or the pristine beaches of Naxos, these islands promise an immersive experience that marries scenic beauty with Greek island culture.


What is the best time of year to go on a walking holiday in Greece?

The ideal time for your walking holiday in Greece varies depending on your chosen destination, whether it's the Greek islands, the mainland, or mountainous regions. Consider regional weather patterns and your personal preferences for temperature and crowd levels when planning your trip.

Spring is widely regarded as an excellent season for walking in Greece. During this time, the weather is delightful, and the landscape bursts to life with vibrant wildflowers. Spring offers the perfect conditions for coastal and inland walks.

Early summer ushers in warm and sunny weather, and longer daylight hours extend your walking adventures. Coastal areas are particularly inviting at this time. Late summer maintains the allure of pleasant temperatures and sun-drenched days, making it an ideal period for exploring both the islands and the mainland.

Autumn presents another appealing option, especially for the mainland and mountainous regions. With cooler weather and the landscape cloaked in autumn hues, this season is a quieter, less crowded time for walking. Some Greek islands, such as Crete, even offer opportunities for winter walks, thanks to milder temperatures. However, please note that it's not the peak season for walking, and certain regions may be less accessible.


How difficult are walking holidays in Greece?

Our walking holidays in Greece are designed to suit a wide range of walkers, encompassing those seeking leisurely, moderate, and challenging treks in one of the world's most stunning destinations. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a weekend stroller, a walking holiday in Greece holds the promise of an unforgettable adventure that should be on your list for the next excursion. If you prefer to explore Greece at your own pace, consider a self-guided walking holiday on the enchanting islands of Santorini and Naxos. Here, you'll have the opportunity to ascend Mount Zas, the highest peak in the Cyclades, reaching 1003 metres for breathtaking 360-degree panoramas. You can uncover the ancient wonders of Thira, Akrotiri, and the enigmatic Kouros statues. These islands offer a delightful blend of volcanic landscapes and verdant valleys, with picturesque towns waiting to be discovered, all at your own leisurely tempo.

For a slightly more challenging adventure, embark on the Menalon Trail, which takes you through Greece's serene Peloponnese region. This journey immerses you in the tranquillity of the Arcadian mountains, where you'll encounter intriguing monasteries nestled in the Lousios Gorge. You can also explore the fascinating Open-Air Waterpower Museum in Dimitsana, all at a rewarding yet not overly strenuous pace.

For those with more experience, there's the exhilarating option of summiting Mount Olympus, Greece's tallest peak. This adventure also includes exploring the UNESCO-recognized floating monasteries of Meteora, offering a remarkable and accessible challenge for seasoned walkers.


Alternatives to walking in Greece

If you're looking for alternatives to walking holidays in Greece, there are a variety of options in other European countries. Italy offers a rich tapestry of walking experiences. Explore the breathtaking Italian Lakes, including Lake Como and Lake Garda, known for their serene waters and charming villages. Along the Amalfi Coast, you can follow dramatic coastal paths with stunning Mediterranean views. The rolling hills of Tuscany feature vineyards and historic towns perfect for leisurely walks. For more challenging hikes, head to the Dolomites in the north.

Croatia offers diverse terrains for walking, from the islands and coastal regions with their Mediterranean charm to the ancient towns that dot the landscape. Island hopping and exploring historic towns provide a unique walking experience.

Slovenia's compact size belies its natural beauty. From Lake Bled's serene surroundings to the challenging treks in the Julian Alps, and the charming capital city of Ljubljana, the country offers a mix of cultural and outdoor experiences.

Explore the undiscovered beauty of Albania, with walking trails along the rugged coastline, through ancient villages, and into the pristine wilderness of the Accursed Mountains. Albania is a hidden gem for walkers seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

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