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Where to go and what to do in March

March in the northern hemisphere marks the time of year when winter gives way to spring, and vibrant colours emerge, bringing a feeling of new beginni... Read more
Where to go and what to do in March

March in the northern hemisphere marks the time of year when winter gives way to spring, and vibrant colours emerge, bringing a feeling of new beginnings and the promise of fresh adventures. With longer days and blossoming landscapes, Europe becomes a playground for adventure travellers, made better by the minimal crowds and empty trails. While the weather can still be temperamental, temperatures are a lot more bearable across the continent and provide excellent conditions for exploration. 

In March, Asia experiences a diverse range of climates and conditions across its various regions. Northern countries like Japan and South Korea might still have remnants of winter, with cooler temperatures and occasional snow, while southern parts, such as Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, tend to have warmer, more tropical weather, ideal for travel and exploring cultural sites and natural landscapes. 

In the southern hemisphere, March marks the transition from summer to autumn, bringing milder temperatures and the onset of fall in countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and parts of South America. The weather starts to cool down gradually, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and exploration before the winter chill sets in. In regions closer to the equator, such as parts of South America, there might still be warmer temperatures and a continuation of the wet season. Overall, it's a time of changing seasons, with diverse climates and varying landscapes throughout the southern hemisphere.

One of the world's largest celebrations, the Hindu festival of Holi, is an annual event occurring in March. Renowned as the festival of colours, this vibrant celebration in India spans two days, honouring the eternal love between Radha and Lord Krishna. During Holi, people joyously throw coloured powders and water at each other, revelling in music, dance, and traditional sweets. While the primary festivities occur in India, the exuberant spirit of Holi is also observed in other nations with substantial Indian communities or where Hinduism is practised, including Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and various countries hosting Indian diaspora communities. If you have the opportunity to visit one of these incredible nations during Holi, you will experience a lively and colourful celebration steeped in cultural richness and joyous revelry.

In March, there are hundreds of destinations and adventure holiday opportunities across the world, here are some of our favourites: 


Bike Jordan Dead 2 Red

Embarking on a cycling expedition from Madaba near Amman to the Red Sea resort of Aqaba in Jordan promises an enthralling and classic cycling holiday. This journey is a breathtaking blend of geographical wonders and cultural richness as we traverse the Kingdom of Jordan. From the spiritual heights of Mount Nebo with its awe-inspiring views to the surreal descent to the shores of the Dead Sea - Earth's lowest point - it's an extraordinary experience ascending back to sea level. Moving across diverse terrains, from tarmac to jeep trails, we journey through one of Jordan's longest canyons and arrive at Dana's high mountain plateau, offering a stunning vista of the Wadi Araba desert below. Exploring impressive Crusader fortresses such as the majestic Karak Castle, the descent through the Valley of Moses to Petra is exhilarating. Continuing our expedition, we encounter the awe-inspiring desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, once frequented by Lawrence of Arabia. After a night spent beneath the stars with our Bedouin hosts, a short ride leads us to the Red Sea. Jordan in March offers a splendid combination of comfortable weather, making it an ideal time to explore its historical sites and natural wonders.



Queyras Snowshoe Winter Paradise

The Queyras Regional Natural Park, often hailed as one of France's most breathtaking regions, showcases untamed mountain valleys, awe-inspiring rock formations, and rugged ridges awaiting exploration. In March, the park showcases a stunning landscape with snow-capped mountains and serene valleys. Its picturesque beauty at this time of year provides an ideal opportunity for visitors to explore its tranquil winter wonderland. Situated just south of the historic town of Briancon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and west of the Italian border, our week is centred in the charming village of Aiguilles, hosted by a cosy family-run hotel. Commencing our adventure with a snowshoe trek to La Croix de Culet, providing panoramic views, acquaint yourself with snowshoeing techniques and winter mountain safety under the guidance of our expert. Progressing through the week, gradually adapt to snowshoes, culminating in a significant ascent on day 6 to the summit of Crete de Gardiole at 2656m, the pinnacle of our journey. Escape the crowds of other destinations, as encounters with other groups on these mountains are indeed a delightful rarity.



Everest Base Camp Trek

This guided trek traces the renowned 'Everest Trail' beginning from Lukla's airstrip, offering an expedition encompassing Everest Base Camp, the stunning vantage point of Kala Patthar during sunrise or sunset, and the mesmerising Khumbu mountain vistas within a mere two weeks. The exhilarating flight from Kathmandu to Lukla unveils an alpine world characterised by crisp, clear air and rooftops adorned with vibrant prayer flags. Traversing the celebrated 'Everest Trail,' the journey leads to Namche Bazaar, a thriving village where a day is dedicated to rest and acclimatisation before advancing alongside the rushing Imja Khola to the high valley below Everest. Along this moderate-paced trek, numerous enchanting Sherpa villages, including the picturesque Thyangboche with its renowned monastery against the backdrop of Everest and Ama Dablam, are explored. Offering unparalleled mountain vistas and an enriching understanding of the Sherpa way of life, this expedition stands as an ideal introduction for those embarking on their inaugural journey to Nepal and the Himalayas. In March, Nepal hosts the vibrant celebration of Holi, the festival of colours, providing a distinct opportunity to engage with the locals. It is also an excelent time to tackle this iconic trail without the huge crowds that are expected later on in the year. 



Trails of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, one of Italy’s most breathtaking landscapes, showcases a region where untamed mountains dramatically meet the sea, forming a romantic and striking panorama. Ideal for walking enthusiasts and lovers of Italian culture, this incredible area boasts one of the world's most stunning coastlines, featuring a labyrinth of footpaths, charming villages, rustic olive groves, fragrant lemon orchards, and picturesque towns perched on terraced cliffs. On this centre-based Amalfi adventure, guests lodge in a traditional family-run hotel offering a magnificent panoramic terrace and delectable local cuisine. Throughout the week, a diverse array of daily walks are enjoyed, accompanied by opportunities to explore the enchanting towns of Amalfi and Ravello. The itinerary also includes a day dedicated to exploring the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii and the towering volcanic presence of Vesuvius. Culminating in grand style, the adventure concludes with the thrilling Walk of the Gods leading to Positano, considered one of the world's finest hikes. For those seeking an Italian walking holiday infused with traditional flavours and vibrant colours, this experience stands as the perfect choice. In March, the Amalfi Coast boasts serene beauty with fewer crowds, offering a tranquil ambiance perfect for exploring its stunning landscapes and charming towns.



Cycle Madagascar - Highlands to the Coast

Madagascar, the world's fourth-largest island, boasts a size comparable to France. It stands out for its incredible diversity and pristine nature, housing a remarkable blend of cultures, diverse landscapes, and unique flora and fauna. Renowned for its exclusive lemurs and majestic baobab trees, the island also shelters a myriad of colourful birds, chameleons, and turtles. In March, Madagascar offers a vibrant landscape with lush greenery, ideal weather conditions, and a chance to witness various wildlife species amidst the island's stunning natural beauty. This incredible journey begins in the south from the capital, Antananarivo (known locally as ‘Tana’), and leads to the southeastern edge of the island. Here, two leisurely days await at a serene beach resort alongside the inviting waters of the Indian Ocean. The route navigates through some of Madagascar’s renowned national parks—Ranomafana, Andringitra, and Isalo—where cycling is interspersed with enriching hiking experiences. This classic journey is a blend of vehicle transfers and manageable cycling stages, predominantly on tarmac roads but also encompassing extended stretches of dirt roads. As a fitting conclusion, a blissful two-day retreat in Ifaty on the Indian Ocean offers the freedom to unwind at a beach-front accommodation. This might just be biking heaven!



Best of Botswana, Lodge Safari

In March, Botswana experiences the tail end of its rainy season, transforming the landscapes into lush, vibrant surroundings. This period marks a beautiful time for safaris, as the refreshed vegetation attracts a variety of wildlife, offering fantastic opportunities for nature enthusiasts. Catering to both seasoned safari enthusiasts and newcomers, this safari adventure holiday offers a rich exploration of Africa's diverse game reserves and national parks, commencing the journey from Johannesburg and traversing Botswana. Starting at the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, a crucial habitat for endangered rhinos, the adventure continues to the Okavango Delta, where travellers trade vehicles for traditional Mokoro canoes, immersing themselves in an intimate experience amid the delta's unique flora and fauna. The expedition progresses to the wildlife-rich Moremi Game Reserve before venturing through the Makgadikgadi's gleaming salt pans, culminating in the renowned elephant haven of Chobe National Park. Crossing into Zimbabwe, the trip culminates with the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, an enthralling conclusion to this African adventure.



Patagonia - The Classic Paine Circuit

Amidst the stunning backdrop of granite towers, picturesque lakes, stunning waterfalls, and captivating glaciers, Patagonia stands as one of the world's last pristine wildernesses and an unparalleled destination for South American trekking adventures. Traversing the protected Torres del Paine National Park, the renowned 'O Trek' unveils itself as one of the finest treks globally, promising an ultimate adventure with a full circumnavigation of the Paine massif. Trekking through this majestic landscape offers the chance to spot various wildlife like guanaco, Andean grey fox, condor, deer, and possibly the elusive puma, starting from El Calafate, the gateway to Patagonia, and progressing through scenic, remote campsites, culminating in awe-inspiring highlights like the John Gardner Pass, the dramatic Frances Valley, and the shores of Lake Nordenskjold before reaching the grand finale at the base of the iconic Paine Towers, making this expedition a top choice for those seeking the most remarkable trails and unparalleled scenery in Patagonia. March in the Paine Circuit showcases the area's transition from summer to autumn, providing hikers with milder temperatures and beautiful natural scenery along this renowned trail. 



Best of Northern India

This captivating holiday encapsulates the true essence of northern India by immersing travellers in a whirlwind of enchanting experiences. Beginning in Jaipur, the 'Pink City' renowned for its skilled artisans and UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Amber Fort and Palace of the Breeze, the journey proceeds to Ranthambore, offering the thrill of tiger-spotting amidst its 'Project Tiger' reserve. Travelling further east, the adventure uncovers the abandoned grandeur of Fatehpur Sikri and the awe-inspiring beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra, followed by a night train voyage to Varanasi, the 'City of Light,' where the rituals along the River Ganges bring a profound spiritual experience. The voyage culminates in Delhi, exploring its temples and bustling bazaars, making it a sensory-rich expedition for those seeking an immersive cultural adventure through northern India. March is the perfect time for an adventure holiday in Northern India, due to its pleasantly warm and dry weather. It is also the month where Hindus partake in the exuberant celebration of Holi, the 'Festival of Colors.' This vibrant and joyous festival transforms Northern India into a kaleidoscope of hues, as people across the cities and towns joyfully throw coloured powders and engage in lively festivities to welcome the arrival of spring. 



Backroads of Cambodia Bike

Emerging from the historical Khmer Empire, the Kingdom of Cambodia is an exhilarating destination in Southeast Asia. This unhurried cycling expedition provides a prime opportunity to explore Cambodia's highlights, commencing in Siem Reap where we traverse backroads amid the stunning Angkor Wat temples. Our journey includes the exploration of lesser-known temples like Kbal Spean and a serene boat voyage along Tonle Sap, leading us to the charming setting of Battambang amidst picturesque rice fields and quaint riverside villages. Venturing through Kirirom National Park, we settle into a homestay at Chi Phat on the fringes of the Cardamom Mountains, indulging in jungle trails leading to O'Malu waterfalls and the O'Kay tribal village. As we descend, the itinerary transitions to the serene coastal town of Kampot for relaxation and a tranquil boat excursion to a Gulf of Thailand island. Concluding with a city tour of Phnom Penh and a serene Mekong River sunset cruise, this leisurely mountain biking expedition presents an opportunity to savour the very best of Cambodia. March in Cambodia brings warm weather and less rainfall, making it an ideal time to explore the country's rich cultural heritage, ancient temples, and natural landscapes without the peak tourist crowds. 



Walking Holiday on the Captivating Cape Verde Islands


Situated just off the African coast, more than 1000 miles south of the Canary Islands, the Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) archipelago stands as a haven for walkers. Blessed with its rough coastlines and fertile terraced volcanic slopes, visitors have the opportunity to explore three exquisite islands, fully immersing themselves in the rich Creole Portuguese-African culture. Travelling between Santiago, Sao Vicente, Fogo, and Santo Antao is made accessible through award-winning Binter flights and local ferries, enabling a unique island-hopping experience amidst each island's distinct landscapes.Commencing on the largest and most inhabited island, Santiago, the journey begins with a night in Praia. A brief flight then whisks travellers to the neighbouring Fogo Island, renowned for its exceptional wines and the magnificent, classically shaped volcano. Here, adventurers hike up the ashy slopes to Cape Verde's highest point at 2829 metres, an exclusive venture offered by KE. Subsequently, a flight to Sao Vicente precedes a ferry ride to the northernmost island, Santo Antao. Seven splendid days await, strolling amid the sub-tropical, rugged mountains. Lush, mountainous, and a paradise for walkers, Santo Antao's trails, if not overshadowed by the awe of Pico do Fogo's peak, prove to be simply remarkable. Cape Verde emerges as a stunning and secluded walking destination, offering breathtaking views of rugged coastlines set amidst the tranquil, turquoise blue ocean. With winter sunshine, delightful cuisine, warm hospitality, and incredible walking experiences, departing might not be an appealing option. In March, Cape Verde experiences delightful weather with warm temperatures, making it an ideal time to explore its scenic islands.



Self-Guided Cycling: Alicante to Valencia

Explore the lesser-known treasures of Costa Blanca by embarking on a one-week self-guided cycling adventure from Alicante to Valencia, uncovering not just the sun-soaked beaches and resort culture, but also rice fields, wildlife-rich wetlands, and remnants of ancient civilizations like Greeks, Romans, and Arabs that have shaped the region. This specially crafted journey focuses on unearthing the hidden gems of Costa Blanca, revealing its rich history through ancient ruins, imposing castles, diverse cuisine, and vibrant local festivals, while using convenient local trains to circumvent more challenging ascents. Covering up to 50 km per day, cyclists will have ample time to explore the vibrant homes in Villajoyosa, savour the offerings of Xalo's wineries, and observe the thriving wildlife in the Marjal de Oliva-Pego and Albufera natural parks, all while enjoying refreshing dips in the Mediterranean. Culminating the cycling week in Valencia provides a glimpse into city life, and an extension in this vibrant city is recommended to fully relish its array of offerings. In March, Costa Blanca experiences a delightful climate with mild temperatures, making it an inviting time to explore its diverse landscapes and cultural offerings. It is the perfect time to enjoy the scenic coastal paths and historical landmarks without the bustling summer crowds.



Nicaragua Lakes and Volcanoes

Nicaragua boasts a mesmerising array of serene lakes and a majestic chain of volcanoes, creating a striking contrast in its diverse landscape. In March,  Nicaragua brings pleasant weather with warm temperatures and dry skies, ideal for a two-week Nicaraguan adventure, discovering its rich history, diverse wildlife, and stunning landscapes. Departing from Managua, the country's bustling capital, our route leads southward to discover the enchanting Rio San Juan, a haven for diverse wildlife such as the elusive jaguar and majestic Harpy Eagle. From the quaint village of El Castillo, we navigate the river by boat and canoe to reach the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve, an emerald paradise teeming with unique flora and fauna. Transitioning back to civilization, the splendid city of Granada. The journey continues to the tranquil waters of Lake Nicaragua, unveiling a hidden world of basalt rock draped in lush greenery and a myriad of avian species, from graceful egrets to majestic kingfishers. A guided hike through the Mombacho Volcano Reserve, followed by a special sunset visit to the neighbouring Masaya Volcano and its fiery crater beautifully showcases the nation’s incredible geology. The mystical Ometepe Island awaits, guarded by twin volcanoes, where we ascend the slopes of the towering Maderas Volcano, gifting breathtaking panoramas and a tranquil crater lake. Our Nicaraguan adventure concludes with a camping experience in the serene sanctuary of La Makina Reserve, followed by a trip to Leon, a city alive with creativity, intellectual curiosity, and revolutionary fervor, which serves as the starting point for an exhilarating hike up the ancient Cerro Negro Volcano. 

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