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Trekking in Toubkal: Summer vs. Winter Climbs

The beauty of Morocco's Atlas Mountains is that the hospitable climate makes the range accessible to climb year round.  The highest of these m... Read more
 Trekking in Toubkal: Summer vs. Winter Climbs

The beauty of Morocco's Atlas Mountains is that the hospitable climate makes the range accessible to climb year round. 

The highest of these mountains is the mighty Mount Toubkal, residing in Toubkal National Park. At a spectacular 4,167m, it is in fact the highest peak in North Africa, which makes climbing it no small feat. 

Choosing when to embark on your Mount Toubkal trek means considering which season appeals most to what you’re looking for. Both summer and winter offer a range of varied benefits for the avid adventurer. We thought we’d lay them out plain and simple so you can decide for yourself. 


Trekking Mount Toubkal in Summer ☀️

The first quality of summer that makes it different from a winter hike up Mount Toubkal is of course the weather. Summer promises calmer, sunnier climes so you can leave your ice-axe at home. Although the ascent is still challenging, the warmth of the Moroccan sun takes away the added challenge of hiking through snow and ice.

On summer climbs up Mount Toubkal, the daily treks will start early, so you can get the days distance in before the peak heat of the Moroccan sun. This means your afternoons and evenings can be spent enjoying the meals prepared by the tour’s private chef and taking soaking up the breathtaking scenery, including the luscious farmland beneath you and vast stretches of mountains around you. You will also pass stunning waterfalls on your trek which are frozen in winter but come alive in the summer months. 

If this sounds like your ideal trek, check out our summer options for summiting Mount Toubkal.

⛰️ One Week Mount Toubkal Trek - May to September

⛰️ Ultimate Toubkal Weekend - May, June, August and September

⛰️ 4,000m Peaks of Morocco - July and September

⛰️ Across the High Atlas Trek - June, September and October 

⛰️ Family Teenage Toubkal Ascent - July and August 


Trekking Mount Toubkal in Winter ❄️

A winter trek through Mount Toubkal is a completely unique experience and there’s no better way to enjoy it than on our Mount Toubkal in Winter holiday. The experience of the climb, first through the quiet foothills of the tranquil valleys then hiking through the crunching snow to Toubkal’s peak, is astonishing. 

Given the added difficulty of trekking through the winter conditions, the trails are populated only by keen winter trekkers meaning that is typically quieter than other seasons, adding to the serenity of the hike. 

Though the farmlands may be blanketed in a layer of crisp snow, Berber Valley’s evergreen Juniper trees intersperse verdant flashes at the foot of the range. Plus, a winter trek means that you’ll encounter uninterrupted views of the Atlas Mountains that are made even more awe-inspiring by the white from the snowfall. 

To see a winter sunset from Toubkal is unbeatable; the effusion of colours across the skyline burns in stark contrast to the icy landscape all around. This white becomes dyed with the sun’s pink and amber rays before an extraordinary night sky is revealed. 

🏔️ Mount Toubkal in Winter - spread across 8 days, enjoy this winter adventure between November and April


We have over 20 years’ experience taking trekking enthusiasts on summer and winter climbs through Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Book your Mount Toubkal trek with KE Adventure Travel today for an unforgettable experience. 

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