Tour du Mont Blanc Trek

The 170km Tour du Mont Blanc trek is steeped in history and dramatic beauty. Taking you through France, Italy and Switzerland, you visit quaint alpine villages and trek over high mountain passes.

The trail winds through some of the most dramatic and diverse alpine landscapes in the world, showcasing pristine lakes, lush valleys, imposing glaciers, and majestic peaks.  Additionally, the chance to witness the iconic Mont Blanc, Western Europe's highest peak, up close is a sight that leaves a lasting impression and serves as a powerful motivator for taking on this remarkable adventure.

Highlight of the Tour du Mont Blanc

The highlight of the Tour du Mont Blanc is undoubtedly the opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Mont Blanc itself. Standing at 4810 metres (15,781 feet), it's Western Europe's highest peak and an iconic symbol of the Alps.

Enjoy the iconic Lac Blanc in Chamonix

While taking on the rigours of the Tour du Mont Blanc trek there is plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of places such as Lac Blanc with its stunning glacial lake nestled in the Chamonix Valley of the French Alps. Surrounded by rugged peaks and lush alpine meadows, it offers a mesmerising mirror-like reflection of the surrounding mountains, including the iconic Mont Blanc.


Immerse yourself in the mountain cultures of France, Italy and Switzerland

As you traverse through quaint alpine villages and interact with the locals, you'll experience the warmth and authenticity of these communities. Each country brings its own unique flavour to the journey, from France's rustic charm to Italy's culinary delights and Switzerland's efficiency and precision. The cultural diversity along the trail adds an enriching dimension to the trek,


Five reasons to take on the Tour du Mont Blanc trek

If you are looking for a challenging  Alpine adventure with in Europe's most famous mountain range, look no further than the Tour du Mont Blanc trek.

Breathtaking Views

Once you reach the high mountain passes and look out at the stunning valleys below, the hard work you put in will all be worth it. On a clear day, you will be met with panoramic views that extend far and wide, encompassing the Jura, Vosges, Black Forest, and Massif Central mountain ranges, in addition to the principal summits of the Alps.

Wonderful Wildlife


During your Tour du Mont Blanc trek, it's quite likely that you'll encounter a variety of magnificent Alpine wildlife. The rocky terrain serves as a home for chamois, creatures reminiscent of goat-antelopes, and marmots, resembling beavers, while snakes and lizards slither in the overgrowth. Make sure to keep your eyes on the skies for wonderful bird species such as golden eagles and bearded vultures.

Wild Alpine Meadows

Nestled high among the craggy peaks, alpine meadows paint a picture of nature's artistry. These verdant sanctuaries, carpeted in lush grasses and jewelled with wildflowers, defy the harsh mountain environment. They're a testament to life's tenacity, offering a haven to rare flora and fauna while enchanting adventurers with their serene beauty.


You Can Bring the Whole Family

We know that taking two weeks away from the parent duties isn’t always a possibility, so we have created an itinerary especially for families with children who want to walk the Tour du Mont Blanc. Enjoy the varied mountain cultures of France, Italy and Switzerland, and introduce your children to the wonders of mountain trekking. Create beautiful memories that the whole family will be talking about for years to come!


Sense of Achievement

One of the main reasons to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc is for the massive sense of accomplishment you will feel at the end of it. This epic trek demands not only physical endurance but also a mental tenacity that will leave you with an unparalleled feeling of achievement. As you traverse the diverse landscapes and face the rugged terrain, you'll accumulate over 35,000 feet in elevation gain and loss throughout the entire circuit. To put it into perspective, this elevation change surpasses the height of Mount Everest.





More Information About a Tour du Mont Blanc

The best time for a tour du Mont Blanc trek is in the summer (from June to September.) In the winter months, most trekking routes are coated in a thick layer of snow.

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