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Wildlife Holidays in Costa Rica

Accurately named the "jewel of Central America", Costa Rica boasts vast tropical rainforest, active volcanoes, deserted beaches, perfect climate and friendly people. Additionally, a major allure of Costa Rica lies in its stunning and varied wildlife which inhabits its expansive landscapes.

Costa Rica boasts a rich and diverse wildlife ecosystem encompassing lush rainforests, cloud forests, and coastal habitats. This Central American gem is home to iconic species like the resplendent quetzal, sloths and four species of sea turtles that nest on the shores. With a strong commitment to conservation and a network of national parks and reserves, Costa Rica offers a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and ecotourists alike.

Highlights of Costa Rica

Costa Rica boasts an exceptional standing in biodiversity alongside numerous environmental achievements and the promise to become carbon neutral by 2050. Through dedicating 26% of its land to the establishment of national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation initiatives, Costa Rica has emerged as an ecotourism trailblazer, setting a precedent that the global community rushes to emulate. Costa Rica announced in 2022 that it is now 98% free of deforestation, minimising its carbon footprint and allowing wildlife to flourish.

What to do in Costa Rica

Spot wildlife with the family

As a family friendly destination and wildlife haven, Costa Rica is appealing to all ages and is the perfect place for a keen traveller to bring their family. Famous for its pristine rainforest, fun activities such as kayaking and ratfing, endless sandy beaches and a mindblowing range of wildlife including howler monkeys, tree frogs, nesting turtles and colourful toucans, it is no wonder that Costa Rica is one of the most popular family holiday destinations. 

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Cycle Costa Rica

Hidden within its diverse landscape, Costa Rica is teeming with perfect cycle trails, providing cyclists with access to all corners of the country. What better way to discover this wildlife-rich and eco-friendly nation than on two wheels? Spot nesting turtles as you cycle along Costa Rica’s stunning beaches and keep your eyes to the trees as you pedal beneath howler monkeys, tree frogs and sloths.

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More Information About Wildlife Holidays in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to diverse wildlife including monkeys, sloths, toucans, jaguars, quetzals, frogs, reptiles and a vast array of bird species. You can also see marine life like turtles, dolphins and whales along its coasts.

Things to look forward to on a wildlife holiday in Costa Rica


Birdwatchers can revel in the sight of resplendent quetzals in the cloud forests, marvel at the vibrant plumage of scarlet macaws in coastal regions and delight in the playful antics of toucans and hummingbirds in lush rainforests.

Trek the slopes of Arenal Volcano


As you ascend through lush rainforests and volcanic terrain, you have the chance to spot diverse wildlife including howler monkeys and colourful bird species. Along the way, you'll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the majestic volcano making it an unforgettable adventure for nature lovers and hikers alike.

Photo opportunities

Costa Rica's vibrant wildlife and stunning landscapes provide excellent opportunities for wildlife photography and capturing the beauty of the natural world.

Exotic plants

On wildlife holidays in Costa Rica you'll encounter a fascinating array of exotic plants that add to the country's natural allure. Lush rainforests and cloud forests are adorned with vibrant orchids, intricate bromeliads and towering tree ferns. The enchanting diversity of flora includes carnivorous plants, heliconias with strikingly colorful blooms and the towering ceiba tree which is often considered sacred in indigenous cultures.

Monkey encounters

Howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys and squirrel monkeys are all commonly found in Costa Rica's forests. You'll have numerous opportunities to observe them swinging through the treetops.

Spotting sloths

Spotting sloths on a wildlife holiday in Costa Rica is a true delight. These charming, slow-moving creatures often hang lazily in the trees showcasing their relaxed demeanor. Whether high in the treetops of lush rainforests or amidst the canopy of a cloud forest, encountering sloths in their natural habitat is a cherished experience for nature enthusiasts.







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