Cordillera Blanca - Alpamayo Circuit

Trek to the base camp of the beautiful peak, Alpamayo




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Holiday Overview


  • Fully-supported trekking holiday with expert guides
  • Meet the Quechan-Indian communities of the Peruvian Andes
  • Hike in the remote beauty and peace of Peru`s Cordillera Blanca
  • Acclimatise in the mountain town of Huaraz

The Cordillera Blanca is an apt name for this range, with its snow-fluted summits, knife-edge ridges, tumbling glaciers, blue mountain lakes and steep-sided valleys. After a short overnight stop in Lima, we follow the Pan-American Highway to the mountain town of Huaraz to begin this most picturesque of Peruvian trekking holidays. Brimming with the buzz of fellow trekkers', Huaraz provides a great base for our planned acclimatisation walks. Departing Huaraz, we take a short transfer to the start of our trek, where we will spend the next nine nights under canvas, supported by our Andean trek crew. Crossing high passes, following ancient Andean-trails and passing through Quechan-Indian communities, this is a superb trek which provides a succession of simply stunning views of Mt Huascaran (6768m), Mt Taulliraju (5830m) and Mt Rinrijirca (5808m). The centrepiece of this trekking holiday is undoubtedly our visit to base camp of the pyramidal peak, Alpamayo (5947m). Ranked to be one of the most spectacular treks in the world, this high level trail through the Peru's Cordillera Blanca is likely to provide one of the most satisfying of trekking holidays!

Is this holiday for you?

This trekking holiday offers a variety of conditions, ranging from good trails between villages, high rocky mountain passes and grassy meadows in the sparsely inhabited high valleys within the Huascaran National Park. It is possible that the highest passes may have a light covering of snow. Overall, the trekking is straightforward and not particularly committing. The Alpamayo Circuit is a challenging trekking holiday on account of its overall length, the number of high passes included and the nine days of camping. We have carefully built-in time for acclimatisation, prior to beginning the trek. The trek is well-paced and should be suitable for regular hill-walkers with good levels of fitness.

Brief Itinerary

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  • Meet a the group hotel in Lima. Transfers from Lima Airport are provided between 9am and 10pm.
  • Drive north on the Pan American Highway to the mountain town of Huaraz.
  • Acclimatisation walk in the Parque Nacional de Huascaran. Return to Huaraz.
  • Trek around the Huaraz Hills. Free afternoon for last-minute shopping and relaxation.
  • Depart Huaraz for the start of our trek at Vaqueria travelling via the Llanganuco Pass (4780m).
  • Trek up the Tuctu Valley to a campsite at 4114m where we enjoy views of Taulliraju and Rinrijirca.
  • Cross the Pucaraju Pass (4684m). Trek to Laguna Huecrocochca (3962m).
  • Trek up through Tingopampa Village, cross a high pass at 4383m and descend to Jancapampa.
  • Trek over the Yanajanca Pass (4598m) to the small settlement at Huilca.
  • Fantastic Cordillera Blanca views today as we trek to Moyobamba (4480m), close to Alpamayo.
  • Crossing Carcara Pass (4815m) we reach the viewpoint for Alpamayo. Camp in the Jancarurish Valley.
  • Trek over the Jatun Vieto Pass (4648m) westwards to Osururi (4511m).
  • Cross the trek highpoint (4848m) at the Toro Pishtanana Pass and descend to Huischca (3992m).
  • Descend through the Huaylas Valley. Transfer back to Huaraz.
  • Return to Lima, arriving in the afternoon. Transfers to Lima airport are provided.
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Sat 13 Aug - Sat 27 Aug Code CBP /03/16/ Adult$2,740 Status Guaranteed Book now
The LAND ONLY dates and prices are for the itinerary joining in Lima, Peru. For clients making their own flight arrangements, Lima Chavez International airport is the most convenient for transfers to the group hotel. Please refer to the 'Joining arrangements & transfers' section in the trip dossier for further details.

Flights SHOULD NOT be booked until you have received your booking confirmation and the trip is showing 'Guaranteed to Run' or 'Limited'.

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Map & Itinerary

The Route

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Holiday Itinerary

  • Meet a the group hotel in Lima. Transfers from Lima Airport are provided between 9am and 10pm.

    Rendezvous at the group hotel in Lima. A complimentary airport transfer is provided for all clients arriving in Lima between 9am and 10pm. We meet our trip leader who will give an informal briefing on the days ahead. KE Land Only services begin with the overnight at the group hotel. Whilst lunch and dinner will be at your expense today, your local guide will be able to advise on local places to dine.

    • Accommodation Hotel

  • Drive north on the Pan American Highway to the mountain town of Huaraz.

    An early morning departure for the mountain town of Huaraz. Heading northwards up Peru’s Atlantic coastline, we follow the Pan American highway and turn Eastwards, climbing from sea level to the Punta Conococha Pass (4100m), in a little over 3 hours. Dropping down from the pass, we continue to drive onwards to Huaraz, and check into our group for the next three nights

    • Accommodation Hotel

    • Meals bl

  • Acclimatisation walk in the Parque Nacional de Huascaran. Return to Huaraz.

    Taking a short vehicle transfer we cross the Santa River and arrive into the Cordillera Negra where we being the first of our acclimatisation walk within the Parque Nacional de Huascaran, the largest mountain park in Peru. A UNESCO World Heritage site, with beautiful panoramic views of the Cordillera Blanca, we hike a straightforward trail to find our walking legs in preparation of the days ahead. Approx 3-4 hours trekking

    • Accommodation Hotel

    • Meals bl

    • Time 3 - 4 hrs trekking

  • Trek around the Huaraz Hills. Free afternoon for last-minute shopping and relaxation.

    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast we hike towards the hills of Huaraz and enjoy a circular morning walk above the Andean trekking town. The rest of the afternoon is free-time to relax, purchase any last minute trekking supplies or visit the regional Ancash Musuem, housing Peru’s largest collection of ancient stone sculptures dating back to 1100AD

    • Accommodation Hotel

    • Meals bl

  • Depart Huaraz for the start of our trek at Vaqueria travelling via the Llanganuco Pass (4780m).

    Departing Huaraz, our first stop is the colourful market town of Carhuaz. With it’s pretty plaza and lofty palms, we enjoy a short stroll before visiting Campo Santa in old Yungay and is a memorial site to the Andes most catastrophic natural disaster. In 1970 an earthquake dislodged a colossal shelf of ice and granite from the west wall of Mount Huascaran and engulfed the town below and burying 18,000 people. Today, survivors and their descendents, continue to maintain gardens on the site in honour of the dead. Driving deeper into Huascaran National Park, we enjoy a peaceful lakeside picnic lunch before the road ascends to the Portachuelo de Llanganuco pass (4780m). With glorious panorama of including Huascarán (6768.1m), Huandoy (6463.0m), Pisco (5455.9m), and Chopicalqui 20,100 feet (6126.5m) we leave our vehicle behind and descend on foot to our first camp at Vaqueria (3699m) which provides the perfect warm-up for this tremendous trek.

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 2 - 3 hrs trekking

  • Trek up the Tuctu Valley to a campsite at 4114m where we enjoy views of Taulliraju and Rinrijirca.

    Breaking our first camp this morning we trek up the Tuctu Valley, passing through several small Andean agricultural settlements. Pacing out our day sensibly, we ascend to our camp at 4114m and settle to enjoy views of Taulliraju (5830m) and Rinrijirca (5808m) looming at the head of the valley.

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 6 - 7 hrs trekking

  • Cross the Pucaraju Pass (4684m). Trek to Laguna Huecrocochca (3962m).

    Continuing on this ancient trail we take a steady climb over our objective for the day; Pucaraju Pass (4684m) which presents us with beautiful views of Paron (4185m) and Huascaran (6768m), the forth highest mountain in the Western hemisphere and first conquered in 1932 by a German-Austrian expedition. Continuing to trek onwards and down to Laguna Huecrocochca (3962m), we camp nearby and enjoy the serenity of South American finest National Park.

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 6 hrs trekking

  • Trek up through Tingopampa Village, cross a high pass at 4383m and descend to Jancapampa.

    Hiking up through the village of Tingopampa our route climbs through woodland and ascends via a grassy pass where we hope to see flocks of alpacas grazing happily on the mountainside. Heading over the pass at 4383m, we descend into the picturesque Jancapampa shrub-filled valley including the hardiest of the rose family, polylepis trees which are known to thrive well above the 5000m mark! Heading for our camp at 3535m, we may enjoy the company of local Andean communities.

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 6 hrs trekking

  • Trek over the Yanajanca Pass (4598m) to the small settlement at Huilca.

    Trekking out of this gorgeous valley, our steep but manageable climb through farmland passes through cultivated land, forests and ascends towards the narrow Yanajanca pass (4598m). A steady 8-hours trekking, Our views today are dominated by the immense glaciers of Mt Pucajirca’s East Face (6048m). Hiking downwards towards the small settlement of Huilca, our camp is dominated by the wonderful skyline of Mt Pucajirca and neighbouring peaks.

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 8 hrs trekking

  • Fantastic Cordillera Blanca views today as we trek to Moyobamba (4480m), close to Alpamayo.

    Breaking camp today, our vista from Quebrada Tayapampa encompasses glorious views of Mt AlpaMayo North East face (5947m), Pucajirca Central (6046m) and Pucajirca Oeste (6039m). Never failing to deliver a panorama of glistening peaks, the Cordillera Blanca really is a perfect mountain haven and as we edge closer to the rather conspicuous beauty of Alpamayo, head for Moyobamba (4480m) with the view of tomorrows pass in sight

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 4 - 5 hrs trekking

  • Crossing Carcara Pass (4815m) we reach the viewpoint for Alpamayo. Camp in the Jancarurish Valley.

    Heading for the centerpiece of our trek our well-paced walk takes us up and over the Caracara pass (4815m) and presents us with superb views of Alpamayo. Quite simply a magnificent, pyramid like peak, Alpamayo is probably the most famous peak of the Pukhara massif, of Cordillera Blancas most northerly massif. Even though it is dwarfed by neighbouring peaks, the beauty of this mountain has long captivated climbers, trekkers and photographers. After lunch we trek to the base camp of Alpamayo, overlooking the Laguna Jancarurish for spectacular photographic opportunities. Retracing some of our steps, we continue our trek down the Jancarurish valley and arrive into camp, with time to appreciate one of the most stunning mountain sunsets in Peru.

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 4 - 5 hrs trekking

  • Trek over the Jatun Vieto Pass (4648m) westwards to Osururi (4511m).

    Waking to Alpamayo makes for a memorable start to today’s walk! As we leave behind views of this magnificent mountain we begin a long but perfectly achievable ascent to the Jatun Viento pass (4648m). Making our way west, towards the edge of the national park our previous days trekking ensures we are well acclimatized for the highest of our campsites at 4511m.

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 6 hrs trekking

  • Cross the trek highpoint (4848m) at the Toro Pishtanana Pass and descend to Huischca (3992m).

    Our penultimate day of trekking takes us to our highest point today. Although the Toro Pishtanan pass (4848m) is a fabulous pass with sweeping views across the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Negra a high, the descent to Cuillicocha Lake (4648m) is sublime. Azure-blue and framed by the three peaks of Santa Cruz, Cuillicocha Lake is more than just a picture postcard view! A pre-Incan aqueduct provides valuable water for the valley farms below and every year Andean farmers make their way into the mountains for an annual ‘aqueduct repair’ festival. Walking onwards to Huischca we make camp for our last night under canvas (3992m).

    • Accommodation Camping

    • Meals bld

    • Time 5 - 6 hrs trekking

  • Descend through the Huaylas Valley. Transfer back to Huaraz.

    Leaving camp this morning, we enjoy a downhill walk to the pre-Incan ruins of Hualacayan, and descend through the farmland and village life of Huaylas Valley. Upon reaching the edge of the national park we will be met by our private vehicles with time to sit and absorb the last morning of our trek. Taking a scenic drive back to Huaraz we return to the group hotel for a well-earned shower and farewell dinner.

    • Accommodation Hotel

    • Meals bld

    • Time 2 hrs trekking

  • Return to Lima, arriving in the afternoon. Transfers to Lima airport are provided.

    Taking a tourist-class return to Lima, we arrive in the afternoon, with complementary transfers for clients departing on this day.

    • Meals bl

Holiday Information

  • An experienced English speaking local leader
  • Lima Airport transfers as described in the itinerary
  • Accommodation as described in the trip dossier
  • Meals as described in the meal plan
  • All land transport involved in the itinerary
  • Full service camping including food and all equipment (excluding personal equipment)

  • Travel insurance
  • Some meals as described in the meal plan
  • Tips for porters and other trek staff
  • Miscellaneous expenses - drinks and souvenirs etc

For each holiday there is a minimum number of participants required to enable it to go ahead. Once the minimum number is reached, the trip status will change from 'Available' to 'Guaranteed to run'. You can check the trip status for each departure in ‘Dates and Prices’ table. Other than in exceptional circumstances, we will not cancel a trip once it has achieved this guaranteed to run status and so you are free to proceed with your international flight booking and other travel arrangements.

Lima Airport transfers are provided for all clients arriving and departing on the group days.

A typical day starts with an early morning brew and a bowl of hot washing water brought to your tent at about 6.30 a.m. After a hot breakfast (which, porridge, pancakes or omelette with plenty of toast and home-made jam) during which camp will be struck and the porters will be given their loads, we start walking in the pleasant cool of the morning. We usually walk for about 3 hours in the morning. Lunch is usually a picnic - and a chance for more excellent food from our cook team - bread, cheeses, cold meats, avocado and plenty to drink. Lunch takes about an hour or so and offers a chance for a little siesta! We aim to pitch camp for the night by 3 or 4 p.m., ie. well before dusk. Dinner is served in the mess tent at around 7.00 p.m. and is a delicious three course meal. The cooks never fail to impress! During dinner is a good time to socialise and to talk over the events of the day. We are usually in bed by 9.00 pm - plenty of time to re-charge the batteries before the next day's walk.

On arrival in Lima, the group will be transferred to a comfortable hotel in Lima. The following three nights will be spent a centrally located hotel in Huaraz. During the trek there will be 9 nights camping. All accommodation is allocated on a twin sharing basis. If you are travelling by yourself you will be paired up with another single client of the same sex. Depending on availability, it may be possible to pre-book single rooms and/or a single tent throughout the holiday. For additional hotel prices and single supplement costs please refer to the dates and prices page of the trip on our website.

View the gallery below for images of the style of accommodation used

On trek, the food is a mixture of local and European-style, all purchased in Peru and cooked for us by highly trained trek cooks. In Lima and Huaraz there are a wide range of restaurants cafes and bars serving excellent and varied cuisine.

All breakfasts are included in cost of your holiday as are all lunches and dinners during the trekking phase of this holiday. You will pay directly for a total of 4 dinners, plus any meals on day 1 of the land only itinerary (this will depend on your arrival time in Lima). From traditional Peruvian dishes, through to budget bites and fine cuisine you should allow approximately US$10 - 15 per meal.

We estimate that $400 will be sufficient for your personal spending including the above non-included meals, and also for tips to drivers, trek crew and local guides, and other incidental expenses such as refreshments. If you intend to buy expensive souvenirs you should budget accordingly. It is not necessary to purchase local currency (Peruvian Sols) prior to travel. You can also use your credit card to get cash from cash machines at the banks in Lima. Credit cards can also be used to purchase goods and to pay for meals in Lima. If you are bringing your travel money with you, we recommend that you bring this in the form of US dollars in cash. Please be aware that it is more difficult to change money (especially travellers cheques) in Huaraz.

On this trip the group will be accompanied throughout by a first-rate, English-speaking local guide In addition while trekking the group will be supported by a full crew of camp staff, porters and mules.

Tipping is common in Peru, however you must remember that it is voluntary, and how much you give depends on how you feel about the service you have received. Airport baggage carriers are the only exception and tipping is compulsory. These people are unwaged and make a living by carrying your luggage. The general rule is 1 or 2 soles per bag. For hotel staff, tipping is not expected, but is welcome. For hotel porters 1 or 2 soles per bag is reasonable. Drivers of standard taxis do not usually expect a tip. As with most countries, it is usual to tip in restaurants and 10% is expected for good service. For the support crew on trek (guides, cooks, porters etc.), it is recommended that each client contributes around £65 to a group tipping pool.

Your baggage on trek will be carried by pack animals. Whilst trekking the packed weight of your trek bag should be no more than 15 kgs. It is possible to leave travel clothes or other items not required on trek at the group hotel in Huaraz.

All KE clients will receive a FREE KE trek bag.  These have been specially made to stand up to the rigours of adventure travel.  Your KE bag will be posted to you when your trip is guaranteed to run or on receipt of your booking if the trip is already guaranteed.  If you have travelled with us before and already have a KE trek bag you can select an alternative free gift in the booking process.

This holiday involves going to very high altitude. During the course of your trip you will be spending at least one night above 4000 metres and/or trekking to 5000 metres or above. This is not something that you should worry about; the human body is quite capable of adapting to a very wide range of altitudes, but it is important that we follow some simple rules in order to acclimatise successfully. Before coming on this holiday you should read the advice on trekking at high altitude on our website which can be viewed via the link below. Unless you have previous experience of trekking above 4000 metres you should consult one of our trekking experts before embarking on this holiday. On this trip we carry a portable altitude chamber (PAC-bag) and/or bottled oxygen for use in emergencies.

At the present time, nationals of countries that are members of the European Union and nationals of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa need only a valid passport (with at least 6 months of validity) and a return or onward journey ticket for entry into Peru. A visa is not required. A Tourist Card is issued on arrival in Lima and this is valid for a 90 day stay in the country. Nationals of other countries should contact the High Commission of Peru in their own countries for information on how to obtain their visa.

Passengers intending to travel via the USA, please note the following:

Your passport must have a machine readable bar code if you are transiting through the US. You must complete an online application form to travel to, or transit through the USA.

Under the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA), all travellers, including children, from the 27 countries under the US visa waiver programme will have to fill out an electronic travel authorization form online ( prior to boarding any US-bound aircraft or ship. You can also use this site to check whether your country is part of the visa waiver scheme.

You will be required to answer questions about criminal records, communicable diseases, past history of visa revocation or deportation, and basic biographical data such as name, birth date and passport information. Changes in address and itinerary can be made online after the ESTA form has been first submitted.

You will not be allowed to board any US bound aircraft without completing the online ESTA form.

If you have a criminal record (including criminal driving offences), you will be required to obtain a visa in advance of entering or transiting the USA.

We do keep our information up to date but be advised visa requirements are subject to change. It is recommended that you contact the relevant commission in the case of recent alterations.

The following checklist should help you with your packing. As a general rule, you should always try to keep the weight of your equipment to a minimum.  The packed weight of your trek bag whilst trekking should be no more than 15 kgs.

You must bring the following items:

  • Hiking boots
  • Socks
  • Trekking trousers
  • Waterproof over-trousers
  • Underwear
  • Baselayer shirts (2 short sleeve, 2 long sleeve)
  • Casual shirts and/or T-shirts
  • Fleece jacket or warm jumper
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Warm jacket (down)
  • Sunhat
  • Warm hat
  • Eyewear - Sunglasses
  • Lightweight thermal gloves
  • Warmer over gloves or mittens
  • Sleeping bag rated to -20 degrees centigrade (Sleeping mattresses are provided locally)
  • Daypack 30 - 40 litres
  • Headtorch with spare batteries
  • Basic First Aid Kit including: Antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, diarrhoea treatment (Imodium), altitude (Diamox), painkillers, plasters (band-aids) and blister treatment, and re-hydration salts (Dioralite).
  • Sun protection (including total bloc for lips, nose etc.)
  • Water bottles 1 Litre (x2)
  • Washbag and toiletries
  • Antibacterial handwash
  • Travel towel
  • Selection of dry bags (to keep trek bag contents dry)
  • Small padlock (to lock your KE trek bag)


The following items are optional:

  • Trainers or similar for travelling and camp use
  • Spare laces
  • Gaiters
  • Shorts
  • Long johns (thermal underwear)
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Travel clothes
  • Trekking poles
  • Insect repellant (DEET)
  • Pocket-knife (note: always pack sharp objects in hold baggage)
  • Repair kit – (eg. needle, thread, duct tape)
  • Camera, media, batteries


  • *Available for hire/rental through KE Adventure Travel


A passport with 6 months remaining validity at the end of your stay is generally required. The information that we provide is for UK passport holders. Please check the relevant embassy or consulate for other nationalities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documents and visas for your holiday. Visa requirements and charges are subject to change without notice. If you are travelling outside the EU you should have at least 2 blank pages in your passport.

Visa Peru

UK and USA passport holders do not require a visa for short stays. Keep the immigration paper given to you on arrival in a safe place, as you will need to show this on departure.

Transit via USA

You will require an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation), and you must get this before boarding any US-bound aircraft or ship, or entering on a land border. The fee is USD$14 and you should apply for it at

NOTE: This is required if you are transiting through the USA

Transit via Canada

From 15 March 2016

All citizens (except for USA citizens) will require an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorisation), and you must get this before boarding any Canada-bound aircraft or ship, or entering on a land border. The fee is CAD$7 and you should apply for it at

NOTE: This is required if you are transiting through Canada

We recommend you check if you require an adaptor for your electrical items at:

It makes a lot of sense to spend some time before coming on a trekking or climbing trip getting some additional exercise. The fitter you are, after all, the more enjoyable you will find the experience. Our treks can be physically demanding, but more as a result of altitude and terrain than distances walked. We would suggest that you adopt a weekly exercise regime. Jogging, squash and swimming are good for developing aerobic fitness and better stamina. You should gradually increase your exercise leading up to departure, and in the month before setting off, we suggest that you try to fit in a number of long walks in hilly country.

You should contact your GP or travel clinic to check whether you require any specific vaccinations or other preventive measures. You should be up to date with routine courses and boosters as recommended in the UK e.g. diphtheria-tetanus-polio and measles-mumps-rubella, along with hepatitis A and typhoid. Malarial prophylaxis is not usually required for trips in the mountains, however if you are visiting rural and remote low lying areas then they might be necessary. On holidays to more remote areas you should also have a dentist check up. A good online resource is Travel Health Pro.

As a reputable tour operator, KE supports the British Foreign & Commonwealth Offices ‘Know before you go’ campaign to enable British citizens to prepare for their journeys overseas, and we recommend that all KE travellers take a look at the FCO Travel Advice for their chosen destination on the official FCO website: North Americans can also check out the U.S. Department of State website: for essential travel advice and tips.

KE treat the safety and security of all clients as the most important aspect of any trip we organise. We would not run any trip that we did not consider reasonably safe.  Should the FCO advise against travel for any reason, we will contact everyone booked to travel to discuss the situation.  We receive regular updates direct from the FCO and are in constant touch with our contacts on the ground.  If you have any questions about government travel advice, please call our office.

The Southern Hemisphere winter season of April through to October is the optimum period for trekking in this part of Peru. We can expect the days to be warm and generally sunny, with temperatures between 12 and 20°C above c. 3500 metres. during this season, the night-time temperatures will fall below freezing. At our highest camps we might experience night-time temperatures as low as -5°C. Even though this is winter, Lima is only 12 degrees south of the equator, and the daytime temperatures in the capital will be 20 to 25°C, with quite cool nights.

Trekking and Climbing in the Andes. Kate Harper and Val Pitkethly. Flight of the Condor. Michael Andrews. The Conquest of the Incas. John Hemming (MacMillan) Peru - the Rough Guide. Dilwyn Jenkins. The Andes. Time Life Books. The Andes are Prickly. Martin Slessor. The Trekkers Handbook. Tom Gilchrist. Latin America Spanish Phrasebook. Lonely Planet.

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