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Best Destinations in the World for Vegetarians

For those who prefer a plant-based diet, travelling can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are certain destinations around the world where veget... Read more
Best Destinations in the World for Vegetarians

For those who prefer a plant-based diet, travelling can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are certain destinations around the world where vegetarian cuisine not only thrives but also forms an integral part of the culture. In this blog, we'll explore five of the best destinations for non-meat eaters, where vegetarianism isn't just an option but a celebrated culinary tradition. From the aromatic spices of India to the fresh and flavourful dishes of Italy, these countries are brimming with vegetarian delights. Whether you're a dedicated vegetarian or simply enjoy trying local delicacies, read on to explore the delicious vegetarian options that await you around the world. 



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India is a haven for vegetarians. As a nation where Hinduism is the dominant religion, a large portion of the population do not eat meat. As a result, Indian cuisine boasts an extensive array of vegetarian dishes. Indian food varies across the country as each region has access to different ingredients. Many people are most familiar with North Indian food. Here you can enjoy hearty vegetable curries and mixed rice dishes such as masala and biryani featuring lentils and chickpeas, as well as other classics such as pakoras, dal baati and naan bread. Whether you're exploring the Heritage Trails of Rajasthan or the Best of Northern India, there are ample opportunities to savour these dishes. Alternatively, embark on our Kerala and Cardamom Hills walking or cycling adventures to enjoy the flavours of Southern India, often thought of as the healthier and lighter cuisine. Kerala cuisine is one of the most popular in the country, renowned for its use of coconut in many dishes. You can expect to enjoy dosas (a quintessential Indian comfort food!), idli sambar, medu vada, uttapam and much more. India's culinary scene perfectly reflects the country's colourful and diverse culture. With its multitude of cuisines and abundance of dishes, the vegetarian options in India are endless. Even meat-eaters will find themselves repeatedly drawn to these vegetarian delights!

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Italy is famed for its culinary prowess and vegetarian food is no exception. The country offers a wealth of vegetarian delights that celebrate fresh and seasonal produce. Indulge in hearty pasta dishes, creamy risottos, wood fired pizzas, refreshing salads and delicious antipasti. While the ripe, juicy tomatoes take centre stage on many dishes, they are paired with the freshest vegetables and herbs, infused with flavours such as truffle and garlic and often topped with the delights of mozzarella or Grana Padano. Each region offers its own unique twist on the delectable Italian cuisine so whether you're exploring the stunning Amalfi Coast, Puglia or Tuscany, a delectable culinary experience awaits. Why not embark on the Prosecco Tour and raise a glass to Italy's other delightful, sparkly offering?

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Vietnamese kitchens are renowned for their incredible blend of flavours, creating balanced, colourful and healthy dishes. Fresh vegetables, herbs and spices are integral to every meal, making Vietnam a paradise for vegetarians. Just like the diverse landscapes of the country, the cuisine varies from north to south with a few dishes remaining popular throughout. Pho, Vietnam's iconic noodle soup, is one of these and there any many vegetarian versions available filled with tofu or fresh vegetables. The stir-fry and rice dishes are often vegetarian too and infused with flavours such as soy, garlic and ginger. Vegetarian spring rolls, banh xeo and banh mi sandwiches stuffed with pickled vegetables are all staples of Vietnamese cuisine and not to be missed! Explore the bustling markets and street food stalls (especially in Hanoi!) on a walking, cycling or family adventure for an authentic taste of Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine. 

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With its Mediterranean climate and abundance of fresh produce, Greece offers a wealth of vegetarian delights that celebrate the flavours of the region. Indulge in the iconic Greek salad (horiatiki) which is bursting with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta cheese and olive oil. No adventure to Greece would be complete without enjoying a mezze platter, showcasing the best Greek ingredients and produce such as tzatziki, eggplant, fried zucchini, stuffed grape leaves (dolmas), halloumi and fried cheese. Other delights include spanakopita (spinach and feta pie) and vegetarian moussaka. Enjoy these delights while soaking up the sun on an adventure in the beautiful Greek islands, while trekking the Sacred Summits of Olympus and Meteora or on a self-guided adventure along the Menalon Trail. Wherever you choose, Greece promises a memorable vegetarian dining experience that highlights the best of Mediterranean cuisine. 

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Vegetarian dining in Jordan is a delight with an abundance of mezze and rice dishes to savour. Mezze dishes are incredibly popular and perfect for vegetarians as they feature hummus (chickpea dip), baba ganoush (smoky eggplant dip), tabbouleh (parsley salad), falafel (crispy chickpea fritters), muhammara (red pepper and walnut dip) and many more colourful and light dishes. Jordanian cuisine also features heartier and comforting dishes such as Mujadara. This is a simple yet flavourful dish made with lentils, rice and caramelised onions, seasoned with spices like cumin and coriander. These rich and aromatic spices are popular in most Jordanian dishes along with sumac, cardamom and turmeric, ensuring every dish is jam-packed with flavour. Enjoy these authentic dishes on any of our Jordan adventures, whether you're cycling from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea or trekking through Wadi Rum, you are guaranteed a feast for your palate and your eyes. 

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