7 of the greatest desert destinations on Earth

Deserts are amongst the best places in the world for adventure. From treks across incredible landscapes, to gazing at the stars on a pristinely clear ... Read more
7 of the greatest desert destinations on Earth

Deserts are amongst the best places in the world for adventure. From treks across incredible landscapes, to gazing at the stars on a pristinely clear night, a desert holiday can be the perfect antidote to a dreary winter. Typically people think of desert as vast emptiness, but if you delve into these out-of-this-world destinations, you'll discover dramatic mountain ranges, unique wildlife, ancient cultures, diverse multi-coloured landscapes and emerald natural pools, all topped off with some of the starriest skies you'll ever see.

Take a look at 6 of the greatest desert destinations on Earth below, and browse all our Desert adventure holidays.




Situated on the southern Atlantic coast of Africa, Namibia is 3 times the size of the United Kingdom, with a population of fewer than 2 million people. Much of the country is arid, including the Namib Desert which extends along the country's desolate Atlantic shore, the northern part of which is the famous 'Skeleton Coast'. Around Sossusvlei, towering orange sand dunes are a striking feature of the Namib. In spite of the general aridity, elephant, oryx, and lion can be found in the desert regions and the coastal strip has flamingo and seal colonies, which you can be fully immersed in with our Namibia safari tours.


Enjoy the stunning Namib sand dunes and Etosha National Park on our Namibia highlights holiday which is suitable for everyone, as it is a 14 day grade 1 adventure, or challenge yourself on our best-selling Victoria to Cape Town epic mountain biking, holiday which crosses both the Kalahari and wild Namib desert.




Much of Kazakhstan is dry 'steppe' or grassland, with 'Siberian' forest in the north and Central Asian desert and oases in the south. North east of Almaty, sandwiched between the Ili River and the Ak-Tau Mountains, is the Altyn Emel National Park containing 4,600 square kilometre rock and desert. Here you'll find spectacular red rock formations in the Charyn Canyon and 3 kilometres long and 120 metre high Singing Sanddune. Wind blowing across the dune can cause the grains of sand to rub together and vibrate, producing a range of sounds.

Discover the multi-coloured Aktau Mountains and the mysterious ‘singing sand-dune’ of the Altyn-Emel National Park, on Cycling Adventure in Kazakhstan and our Mountains and Deserts of Kazakstan trekking holiday. You'll trek through diverse landscapes and experience the cultural highlights of South-east Kazakhstan.




When you hear the word desert, it's likely the dramatic Lawrence of Arabia vistas and lunar landscapes will first come to mind. Jordan's second jewel in it's crown, after Petra, is the desert of Wadi Rum. It's a popular film location and also known as the Valley of the Moon. Here, towering red rock formations and deep crevasses interrupt the endless sands, and the desert also contain's Jordan's highest peak; Jebel Um Adaami 1,832m.

All our adventures in Jordan, whether that be Family, Bike or Walking spend time in the magnificent Wadi Rum.




Morocco - home to one the world's largest hot desert, the epic lands of the Sahara. Its legend precedes it and it's something every traveller should see at least once. A trek through the Sahara will offer you creamy dunes, glowing sunrises and fiery sunsets, with Morocco's rich culture evident in Berber camps and the chance to visit holy shrines. One of the most remarkable things about a Saharan desert trek? The nightly show. As one of the world's largest dark sky reserves, you'll be able to lie back at night and feast your eyes on a vast and beautiful clear sky, studded with more stars than you could imagine.

Trek along the Edge of the Sahara to immerse yourself in its wilderness, and enjoy the chance to stay at a traditional Berber camp. Explore further on a cycling holiday in Morocco's desert world, Jebel Sahro, the rocky desert mountains in the south of Morocco, or take the family - desert trekking, exploring Marrakech, camping out and joining a traditional camel caravan can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their age.




Yep, you heard us. The Canaries.

Lanzarote may be a beach pilgrimage for many holidaymakers, but for the adventurous traveller, you'll find a rich and varied terrain beyond the resorts which includes desert landscapes. The Rubicon Plain is an impressive lava field on the south-west coast of the island, where breakers crash ashore and mountains lie in the distance. It's also home to a different kind of desert setting, the sandy fields of the Central Desert.

A walking holiday on the Island of Eternal Spring will show you the wonders these sands hold and more. Follow the GR131 long distance path which flows across Lanzarote, taking in wonders such as the desert plains, volcanic peaks, pretty flora and the Timanfaya National Park, home to the Fire Mountains. Alternatively discover a Saharan-style desert landscape of sand dunes, oases and the spectacular volcanic knives of Fuerteventura, declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 2009.




Oman is an incredible adventure destination, not least as it offers you the chance to combine feasting your eyes on magnificent desert landscapes with some spectacular mountain trekking. Oman is actually a desert state - more than 80% of the Omani territory is covered in sand. This secret jewel of the Middle East is home to the Al Hajar mountains, a stunning rugged coastline, picturesque mountain villages and terraced fields. A visit to Oman will truly be like no place you've ever visited.

Trek along the ridges of the Al Hajar range, and enjoy the year-round sunshine as you follow Oman's famous 'Balcony Trail'. There are some challenging sections, but they're well worth the effort as you complete an adventure few back home will have experienced. Oman is also home to some fascinating wildlife; explore on a cultural and discovery adventure by experiencing the desert and dunes of Wadi Shab and Wadi Bani Khalid, before taking a dolphin-spotting trip and seeing turtles on the beach.



Chile & Bolivia

As the oldest desert on earth, the Atacama is not only described as the best stargazing destination on the planet, it's also home to other famous singhts including the salt flats, Tatio Geysers and the Vally of the Moon.

During our Red Hot Chile Trekker's adventure we include all these highlights and go one step even higher to summit the mighty volcano Licancabur (5920m), a holy mountain of the Atacameno people.

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