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Where's HOT in 2024?

If you're struggling to decide on your next adventure, let us help with our destination hotlist for 2024. Keep reading to discover the hottest tr... Read more
Where's HOT in 2024?

If you're struggling to decide on your next adventure, let us help with our destination hotlist for 2024. Keep reading to discover the hottest travel spots for the year ahead.



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Known as the 'Land of the Rising Sun', Japan is a magnificent blend of natural beauty, fascinating culture, rich history and delectable cuisine. With landscapes varying from beautifully symmetrical snow-capped volcanoes to bustling, vibrant cities, Japan stands out as an extraordinary destination for adventure holidays. Embark on the Nakasendo Trail or Kumano Kodo, immersing yourself in the rich Japanese culture, whether through self-guided exploration or as part of a guided group.



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High on many bucket lists for good reason; the iconic spires and ice caps of Patagonia make it one of the most photographed and beautiful places to go in the world. Whether you're meandering through pristine trails, gazing in awe at towering ice formations or immersing yourself in the richness of local culture, Patagonia promises a memorable journey into the heart of wild and awe-inspiring landscapes. Traverse the entirety of the Torres del Paine Circuit or embrace the challenge of the breathtaking W Trek for an unforgettable experience.



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Friendly, compact, diverse and intriguing, the 'Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan' is a grand title for a great country. Home to nature reserves, ancient rock-cut cities, dramatic rocky desert scenery, stunning marine life, Crusader castles and Roman ruins, an adventure holiday in Jordan is not to be missed. Explore the historical site of Petra, swim in the Dead Sea or walk through the vast emptiness of Jordan's Wadi Rum and desert mountains.



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We have been travelling and trekking in Nepal for nearly 40 years and with an unbeatable collection of 30+ holidays (that is constantly growing!), Nepal is more popular than ever. Embark on our NEW Everest Base Camp Essentials Trek to experience a new perspective on this iconic trek, traverse into the heart of the Annapurna Sanctuary on one of our finest and bestselling trekking holidays in Nepal, set a thrilling challenge for yourself by summiting Mera Peak or veer off-the-beaten-path to embark on a wild trek through the Hidden Valleys of Naar and Phu. Nepal beckons with endless adventure possibilities this year.


Costa Rica

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A true stand-out destination in 2024. There are few places on the planet where you can see such an astounding diversity of natural wonders as you can in Costa Rica. Its rich landscapes, jaw-dropping mountains and spectacular coastlines combine to create a truly exceptional experience. Costa Rica provides an adventure playground like no other - cycle amongst volcanoes and lush rainforest, traverse coast to coast uncovering natural treasures, treat your family to the holiday of a lifetime or partake in the most extraordinary wildlife spotting



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With the Grand Egyptian Museum opening in Giza and newly opened tombs in Luxor, there are even more reasons to go and experience the ancient history of Egypt. With its warm and hospitable locals, endless fun activities and a backdrop of history that spans millennia, Egypt truly is the perfect location for an adventure holiday. Our family trip is proving ever-popular!



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Great weather, exceptional value and some of the most remarkable landscapes found anywhere on Earth, Turkey ticks every box for the perfect adventure this year. Amidst the geological wonders of Cappadocia, the rugged beauty of mountain ranges and the allure of a sparkling coastline, you'll encounter a warm welcome and a myriad of exploration possibilities. Whether you're walking through the High Taurus Mountains, exploring the beautiful Lycian coast with your family or cycling through Cappadocia, adventure holidays in Turkey are sure to encapsulate even the most active of travellers.


New Zealand

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Many missed the chance to visit this incredibly scenic and captivating country in 2023 as tourism opened late after the pandemic, so 2024 is the year to go! New Zealand is a breathtaking land of natural beauty and an outdoor lovers paradise. With mammoth national parks, craggy volcanos and mountains, stunning coastlines and beautiful Māori and Kiwi culture, there is so much to explore. Experience all the hiking highlights of New Zealand's North and South Island or embark on an epic cycling trip exploring the South Island. 



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A real up-and-coming destination, Colombia has recently emerged as one of Latin America’s most popular destinations, with a notable surge in traveller numbers. From conquering the peaks of its dramatic mountain ranges to navigating lush jungles and exploring pristine coastlines, Colombia is perfect for adventure travel. For those seeking a unique experience, our Lost Cities and Coffee Trails of Colombia adventure promises to take you off-the-beaten-path, revealing the hidden gems of this captivating and diverse country.

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