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A Taste of the Mediterranean

No adventure is complete without diving into all a destination has to offer, and tasting authentic, local food is an essential part of this. Not only ... Read more
A Taste of the Mediterranean

No adventure is complete without diving into all a destination has to offer, and tasting authentic, local food is an essential part of this. Not only is it the perfect way to round off a long day hiking, biking or more, trying a few culinary delights allows you to really experience the roots of a country - whilst enjoying mouth-watering delicacies like you've never had before. We've put together a list of adventures which take you Europe's gastronomic capital, the sun-soaked Mediterranean, to enjoy some well-earned tasty dishes alongside a healthy dose of thrilling adventure.


Cycle the Wine roads of Istria | Croatia

Immersed in the blue of the Adriatic Sea, much of Istria's gastronomic flair lies unsurprisingly in a bountiful selection of seafood. On this holiday you'll be able to experience much of what puts Istria on the culinary map, from fresh selections of oysters and squid to the region's famous wild asparagus - not forgetting a visit to the truffle centre of Livade, olive-oil tasting at Bale and wine-tasting in traditional cellars.  

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Footpaths and flavours of Madeira | Portugal

Due to a wonderfully mild climate which enjoys year-round sunshine, you'll find in Madeira countless succulent tropical fruits on display in bustling markets. Discover the flavours of the island by browsing the bustling Mercado do Lavradores, enjoying a slab of delicious honey cake in a picnic lunch, and sampling sweet and rich Madeira wine (best saved till post walk!). Highlights include drinking a 'bica', the smooth Portuguese equivalent of espresso, visiting a rum distillery in Porto Da Cruz, and tasting Espetada Maderiense, a delicious dish which creatively utilises the abundant laurel you will see growing whilst trekking.

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Footpaths and flavours of Puglia | ITALY

The magical heel of Italy is one of the most flavoursome areas in Italy. As Italy's agricultural centre, you can consider Puglia the experts in producing the most famous of Italian exports, pasta. Explore the Baroque gem of Lecce and meet Bari's ancient pasta makers - and in Alberobello you'll even have the chance to try your hand at mastering the art in a pasta making class. This trip is dotted with wonderful culinary experiences such as trying burrata, a fresh Italian buffallo mozzarella, picking up a delectable, flaky Pasticciotto pastry in Lecce, and enjoying platters of aperitivi in piazzas. 

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Tastes and trails of Macedonia 

A melting pot of culture and beautiful scenery, Macedonia offers the chance to experience fascinating flavours alongside walking in lush valleys and dramatic mountains. You'll sample dishes from the Mavrovo region including tasty pies, rich cheeses and kachamak, a delicious combination of cornmeal and potato, and a trip highlight is to receive a warm welcome in a Kuratica family home and enjoy a wonderful home-cooked dinner, plus a glass or two of wine, and special homemade rakija infused with local herbs.

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Walking wild Tuscany | ITALY

Tuscany stands out amongst the culinary giant of Italy by utilising two simple ideologies: simplicity and quality. Tuscan food is all about using the freshest, most beautiful ingredients and letting them do the talking. Between days walking on old pilgrim trails and taking in the views on alpine walks, a holiday highlight is the accommodation, an organic farm nestled in the heart of the Tuscan hills. This little slice of heaven is home to over 100 olive trees plus colourful orchards of apple, apricot, pear and quince. Each delicious dinner includes fresh ingredients from the farm gardens and is very much a truly Italian social affair.  

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Footpaths and flavours of Liguria | ITALY 

A gorgeous insight into the Italian Riviera, this walking holiday is an excellent way to explore the idyllic villages of Cinque Terre and experience their unique gastronomic offerings. Alongside daily walks there will be time for relaxing with an authentic gelato, chilled Limoncino or a strong cappuccino with almond biscotti. Lunches will be picnic style using fresh, sun-kissed ingredients and each evening we’ll get to sample traditional Italian and Ligurian dishes in the hotel’s family run restaurant - look for local specialities such as fragrant pesto genovese, mouth-watering minestrone and flavoursome focaccia.

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Footpaths and flavours of Croatia

On this Istrian walking holiday, you'll follow forest trails and coastal tracks to make your way through timeless medieval villages to Ucka National Park, immersing yourself in all the region has to offer. Try authentic local dishes along the way such as cevapici, seasoned minced meat sausages which are extremely popular across Croatia and the whole of Former Yugoslavia, Istria's unique pasta such as fuzi or pljukanci, or blitva, a comforting side dish of Swiss chard and potatoes cooked with lashings of golden olive oil and garlic. 

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Amalfi coast and the bay of Naples | ITALY 

Home to a stunning volcanic panorama, magical catacombs, and world-class cuisine, Naples is a riotous feast of sights, sounds and tastes. No visit to Naples would be complete without trying Neapolitan pizza, Napoli's pride - you won't find its thin base so perfectly made anywhere else. As you explore further into Amalfi Bay you'll have chance to try cozze, mussels served with a playfully spicy peperoncini (chilli pepper) and parsley sauce, the simple beauty of gnocchi alla sorrentina, or a real caprese salad, a dish which becomes a true slice of food heaven when comprised of vibrantly fresh tomatoes and basil from the local sunny hills.

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Islands and volcanoes of Sicily | ITALY

A land of towering volcanoes, beautiful scenery fascinating history and whitewashed villages, a major part of Sicilian life is also a heady love affair with food. On this excellent trekking holiday, you'll not only explore a stunning archipelago but also undertake a gastronomic adventure. Look out for the chance to try authentic arancini, succulent balls of tasty rice coated in breadcrumbs, and caponata, a sweet and savoury salad of fried eggplant. The latter dish utilises Sicily's iconic tangy and aromatic caper, which you'll learn more about with a visit to a local caper farm.

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