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Electric bike holidays

Discover the world on an e-bike cycling holiday Do you worry about being able to keep up with the group on a guided cycling tour, or simply want to... Read more
Electric bike holidays

Discover the world on an e-bike cycling holiday

Do you worry about being able to keep up with the group on a guided cycling tour, or simply want to enjoy a more relaxed holiday? 
Then you could benefit from riding an e-bike on one of our KE cycling adventures. E-bikes are great for when you are in a group of cyclists with different abilities, on a cycling tour which may have longer distances than you are used to, when you are travelling solo and want to challenge yourself to a more demanding route, or if you just want to enjoy the ride with a little less effort.
All of our self-guided and many of our guided leisure cycling holidays include free bike hire, with the option to upgrade to an e-bike for an additional supplement. We also have a selection of more challenging guided adventures where you can upgrade, and a few specific e-biking adventures to choose from. 
Riding an e-bike is just plain fun. Feeling the wind and sun on your face, watching nature go by, gliding along smoothly – it's just a really wonderful experience. 

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike (or e-bike as it's known) is very similar to a standard bike, only it has the added benefit of a battery, giving you a bit of extra pedal power. Generally speaking, e-bikes make pedalling easier. The majority of e-bikes are pedal-assist which means the harder you pedal, the faster you'll go.

You normally have a few different modes to choose from which will effect how long your battery lasts. Most of the time these modes are along the lines of Eco, Active, Sport and Power depending on the manufacturer. The higher the mode, the more power the battery will give you and the less effort you will have to put in.

What are the benefits for using an electric bike?

Where do we start? Using an e-bike means that you are outdoors, getting fresh air for a start, which is great for your mental health. It also means you can cycle further in a day, enjoy more varied terrains, take on the tougher climbs with ease, sweat less, help you keep up with your mates (or your mates keep up with you) and put less strain on your body but still get a workout, without stressing out your muscles. Oh, and incase we forgot to mention, they can go pretty fast when you want them to.  

Are they eco-friendly?

E-bikes are the transport solutions to helping save the environment. They are fuel free, don't release any gas into the environment, come with rechargeable batteries that last years, and cut down wear and tear on our roads. They emit less pollution per mile than motorbikes and cars, and batteries can last between 25-100 miles before they need recharging. 

How do I hire an e-bike on a KE holiday?

Once you have found your perfect cycling holiday, check the bike hire section in the holiday information tab.  It's here that you can find out if an e-bike can be hired on your holiday or whether it is included as part of the package, and if there are any additional costs. If you need any help finding the right holiday for your level of fitness, then our cycling grades explained page may help.

Once you have booked your trip, our sales team with discuss with you your requirements and get some basic details from you including your height, weight etc. When booking, please request that you want to hire an e-bike and they will do the rest. It's that simple.

What can I expect on an e-biking holiday?

Fun that's what. If you have never cycled on an e-bike before then you will love how much easier it makes your cycling journey. Logistically, your holiday won't be any different to if you were on a normal bicycle, everyone will still be cycling and the leader will still take the same route and take the same stops. You will simply be able to enjoy all the benefits of an e-bike touring holiday. 



Self-Guided Cycling in Italy - The Prosecco Tour

The Italian region of Veneto (between the Piave and Sile rivers), is the perfect place for a self-guided cycle tour. This charming corner of Italy is famous for wine growing and for its wealth of historical and architectural heritage.

Staying at the 4-star Relais Monaco Country Hotel and Spa you will be sure to have everything you need to relax after a day exploring on your bike, including a pool, a terrace perfect for relaxing with a good book and a glass of the local produce and a great restaurant to sample the local specialities too. Standard bike hire is included in this holiday, but you can upgrade to an e-bike for an additional supplement.


Ultimate Albania Cycling Tour

Albania is a colourful and welcoming country with a mix of unique attractions that make it the perfect destination for an e-bike adventure cycling holiday. On this 9 day adventure,  you'll ride for 7 days on quiet roads, explore the beautiful Lake Ohrid, visit the Monastery of Saint Naum in Macedonia, cycle through 2500 years of history at Butrint, Albania’s premier archaeological site and get your fix of sun, sea and sand at Sarande and Himare on the Albanian Riviera.

All meals are included and you can upgrade to a Giant Explore pedal-assist E-bike for an additional charge.


Self-Guided Velodyssee cycling: Archachon to Biarritz

E-bike cycling holidays in Europe are becoming increasingly popular, especially in France where you can cycle along woodland paths, through open farmlands and to welcoming seaside towns with ease. This fantastic 5-night cycling adventure follows the long distance cycle route, the Velodyssee, along the Cote d’Atlantique from Arcachon (just south of France’s wine capital Bordeaux) into Basque country to the seaside town of Biarritz.
Cycling an average of 50km per day you can look forward to well-marked cycle routes and dine on the fantastic cuisine this region is known for. Standard bike hire is included in this holiday, but you can upgrade to an E-bike for an additional supplement.


Gravel E-biking in Sicily

If you fancy an e-bike gravel bike holiday in Sicily, then this NEW adventure could be just what you are looking for. It's an exploration on e-bikes of a part of Sicily famous for its Baroque heritage, finishing off with a hike to the top of Mount Etna.

You will ride on gravel roads and limestone landscape of the Pantalica Reserve,  visit a succession of stunning ‘Baroque’ towns and villages, enjoy Italian hospitality and the famous food and wines of the region, hike to the crater rim on Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe and your Bianchi Impulso e-Allroad gravel bike is included in the price.


Self-Guided Cycling on Kefalonia

West of the Greek mainland, Kefalonia is one of several islands in the Ionian Sea and the perfect location for a self-guided e-bike cycling holiday. Quiet fishing villages, olive groves, dramatic coast roads, pristine beaches (like Myrtos and Antisamos) and sipping a glass of Robolo wine with the locals in an authentic tavern, are just some of the elements that make this adventure so special. 
Famously, Kefalonia is the setting for Louis de Bernieres’ novel, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and the subsequent movie starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz. During your time on the island you should be able to spot several of the places that feature in the film. You’ll stay at three different hotels to make the most of the island and to ride all of the best roads in this fantastic 'film-set' location.


Self-Guided Cycling on Sweden's Southwest Coast

Sweden’s southwest coast is a patchwork of long sandy beaches and rugged granite outcrops punctuated by traditional fisherman’s huts. The deep green forests inland form a peaceful natural curtain between you and the rest of the world. 
This is a place where nature is at the forefront of Swedish life and fika is a serious business. This one-week self-guided cycling holiday will immerse you in this idyllic culture, using the Kattegatt cycle way as your route through this landscape from the much fought over town of Helsingborg, to Sweden’s second city; Gothenburg. 


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